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Summative Assessment(Culminating Activity) (Begin Week One; Due Week Nine)

Grade 6 Unit Four Social Studies & Language Arts


Project Based Learning

Medieval Europe-Relationships
The Lost Journal of X
This culminating activity for our unit on Medieval Europe will challenge you to use your research skills, imagination, and creativity as you pretend you are a person from the Middle Ages. The objective is for you to apply their knowledge from the unit to design a medieval journal, using narrative, expository and descriptive writing.
Part I: Making Parchment-Paper for the Journal
Take a sheet of 8x11 white paper, soak it in water, and crumble it up into a ball. Then, carefully unfold it. Leave it to dry. When it dries, it is covered in fine wrinkles that make it look aged. You may want to carefully tear the edges of the paper, to make it look even more tattered.

To give the paper the right color, stain it with tea. Use a cotton ball to apply the tea unevenly across the paper. Apply more tea to the edges of the paper, so that it gets darker near the edges and lighter near the center. When you begin to write, it is suggested that students use a black sharp felt pen or a calligraphy pen.

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