Century global skills

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Post on the board for students to do a 5 minute write in their journals the following question: If a religion has no founder, no scripture and no set of gods can it have a foundation? Explain.
Read anonymously four or five responses. Discuss how a belief system may be based on stories of the history of their country Japan.


Vocabulary list words for student notebook:

Jinja, harai, kami, kamidana, shintai, Torii, miki,


Connect the power of the Emperor with that of a God as believed by the people.
Shinto Shrines as places of worship, guarded by a large gate called a Torii. Followers leave prayer cards and wishes called EMA at the shrines.
Pass out index cards. Students can compose a prayer or wish that they would ask of a god to be posted on a bulletin board.
Japanese and Korea followers of Shinto practice side by side with Buddhists, with many clans merging the two.

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