Century global skills

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Timeline of Reformation

Students will make a timeline that shows significant events that show the strengthening of the Protestant and Catholic Reformations.

Include: 93 theses, Anglican Church formation, John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli, Council of Trent, Peace of Augsburg, Johann Tetzel, The Jesuits


Differentiated Instruction should be designed so that all learners can master the essential understandings and skills need to analyze history, even though they use different content, processes, and products to get there. To reach this goal, teachers should focus instruction on the essential content, but provide multiple options for taking in this information.

  • Provide access to a variety of materials, which target different learning preferences and reading abilities.

  • Break assignments into smaller, more manageable parts that include structured directions for each part.

  • Develop activities that target auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners.

  • Establish stations for inquiry-based, independent learning activities.

  • Use a variety of assessment strategies, including performance-based and open-ended assessments.

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