Century global skills

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Ask students to create a two column chart comparing the Roman Catholic Church to the Orthodox Church.

Who was the church’s leader?

Priests and marriage.

Language used in rituals

Highest Officials

Division in which countries

Icons and symbols

Have students create comic strip style storyboards comparing differences between the two churches, such as rituals, holidays, iconic figures, etc.


Differentiated Instruction should be designed so that all learners can master the essential understandings and skills need to analyze history, even though they use different content, processes, and products to get there. To reach this goal, teachers should focus instruction on the essential content, but provide multiple options for taking in this information.

Working is stations/hubs is based on differentiated instruction. If teachers so not have the means/resources for hubs in their classroom, the follow is recommended for differentiation.

Working in pairs, students can choose one of the five aspects of Greek life to research. Pairs will use their activity sheets to choose a specific area of interest to research further; for example, they may focus on the role of women in ancient Greek society, literature and drama, education, warfare, philosophers, the Parthenon, and so on. (Students in pairs should choose separate topics.) Have pairs create a list of little-known facts about their topics to share with the class. Individually, students can use their research to write essays on how ancient Greek life compares with, or has influenced, modern society.

Classroom Model for a 45-Minute Social Studies Period, Gr. 6- 8

Do Now (5 min.)

  • Independent Hook Activity that introduces the day’s objective/lesson

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