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Ancient Civilizations

Midterm and Final Assessment

As of September of 2012

Sixth grade students throughout Jersey City will partake in four diagnostic assessments tied to the historical era of Ancient Civilizations. These four assessments consist of: quarterly assessment 1 covering everything covered from the 1st marking period, a midterm covering everything from marking periods 1 & 2, quarterly assessment 3 covering content from the 3rd marking period, and the final at the end of marking period four covering everything from marking periods 3 & 4. The Jersey City School District will issue test dates for all sixth grade students to take these district-wide assessments. The test cannot be altered and must be given as is. These assessments are developed off the pacing of the curriculum. The assessments are broken into a diagnostic section as well as historical content knowledge. Students in sixth grade will be responsible to recall each section of this curriculum so that they may successfully complete the Ancient Civilizations quarterly assessments, midterm, and final. The mid-term and final breaks down into four parts: Part I. Multiple Choice, Part II. Constructed-Response, Part III. Document-Based Questions, and Part IV. Analyzing Data. The assessments are based off the curriculum; teachers are encouraged to add activities that are innovative, educational, and engaging, while covering the topics listed in this curriculum. The assessment at the end of this curriculum will serve as the Pre and Post-test for the first MP and in preparation for the quarterly assessments, midterm, and final.

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