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Interview with Christian community member (e.g. Pastor, Priest, Neighbor, and Family member). Use the following questions. Please do not interview the same person you interviewed at the start of Unit 1.

  1. What does it mean to be a Christian?

  2. How does Christianity affect all aspects of your life?

  3. What are your obligations as a Christian?

  4. What are your obligations to God?

  5. What are God’s obligations to humanity?

Teacher will provide the following questions to students to answer.

  • The concept of the Messiah:

  1. What is a Messiah?

  2. What role does he play in Judaism/Christianity?

  3. Define the purpose of the Messiah?

  4. What are your ideas on the Messiah?

After students answer the questions, they should have a think-pair-share. Following the student understanding of those questions, the students should answer in an essay the following question: Why do people still look forward to the coming or the second coming of the Messiah?
The students should read Luke 2. Then compare and contrast the biblical account of Jesus’ birth with that described in the song, “Mary’s Boy Child”. Have the students sing the song to remember the lyrics.

Discuss with the class the line in the song, that states the following “And man shall live forever more because of Christmas day.”
Finally the teacher should have the students retell the story of Christmas in their own words using both the biblical version and the song discussed above.

Students should use the following link to Luke 2, from Bible Gateway


Then the students will answer the question: Are the guidelines established by Jesus reasonable to live by?

Then give the student the Lord’s Prayer to read.
As a class, discuss the meaning of the following quotation: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven.”
From what you read, is the Sermon on the Mount a fulfillment of the Old Testament or a departure from the Old Testament?
Finally, have the student write a newspaper article as if they were from Jerusalem during the era of Jesus’ life. Then have them write an editorial on the Sermon on the Mount from a Jewish perspective.

Students should draw a balance sheet listing reasons for becoming a Christian and reasons to stay with mainstream religion

Read acts 4 - http://scriptures.lds.org/acts/4/12
How does Peter explain to the judges why Christianity attracts people despite official persecution?
Using the pbs website “From Jesus to Christ,” Consider the following points with your students:

  • Why did the Emperor Constantine adopt Christianity during the Battle of Rome?

  • Why was his conversion important to Christianity?

  • What important steps did the Emperor take in introducing his new religion to the Roman World? (Transition)

  • How did he take into account the pagan religions of the Empire?

  • How do historians differ in their ways of explaining the early development of Christianity?

Teacher should have students draw a map that highlights the spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. (again, consider the PBS website at http://to.pbs.org/aqim0l

Students should create a timeline that highlights major events that led to the spread of Christianity throughout the Roman World.

Students should also point out which were the Christian ideological centers within the Roman Empire.

  1. Why did Peter deny Jesus Christ before he was crucified?

  2. What is the significance of his denial?

  3. If Peter denied Jesus why did He [Jesus] chose Peter to lead the Church?

  4. What does the phrase, “…upon this rock I build my church…” ?

Students should write a short paragraph on how religious institutions play a role in their lives. Follow the ideas beyond religious functions., i.e. Hudson Catholic High School, United Jewish Appeal, CYO, YMCA, Southern Christian Leadership council, Christ Hospital, St. Anthony’s High School. Discuss various functions of these institutions.
Students will create and complete a graphic organizer to compare the role of the church during the middle ages to the modern era. Assign each student a function of the church in the following capacities: agriculture, education, medicine, Each student will complete a report explaining the role of those various functions.

Have the students answer the following question to complete their report: How did the role of the church changed from the middle ages to the modern era?

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