Century global skills

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Suggested Lessons



Lesson 1

World Religions and Belief Systems

Judaism ,Christianity, and Islam

The Children of Abraham

5-90 minute blocks

Or 9-45 Minute Class Periods

Lesson 2

Protestant Reformation

5-90 minute blocks

Or 9- 45 Minute Class Periods

Lesson 3


5-90 minute blocks

Or 9- 45 Minute Class Periods

Lesson 4

Buddhism, Hinduism, and Shintoism

5-90 Minute blocks

Or 9-45 Minute Class Periods

Curriculum Development Resources

Click the links below to access additional resources used to design this unit:

New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

Technology in the Social Studies Classroom

Technology Core Curriculum Content Standards

National Educational Technology Standards (NETS•T) and Performance Indicators for Teacher

Common Core State Standards
Technology Resources for Software that students will use:

  • www.internet4classrooms.com/on-line.htm (Variety of Programs)

  • www.actden.com/pp/ (PowerPoint)

  • www.bcschools.net/staff/MicrosoftOffice.htm (Microsoft Tutorials)

  • www.bbhcsd.org/start/t4t/ (Microsoft Products Tutorials)

  • www.blogger.com Blog platform

Content Resources
Read Like a Historian http://tiny.cc/j802gw and http://tiny.cc/nl12gw

This websites provides teachers with a guide to better assist students with reading historical texts from both primary and secondary sources.

Document Analysis Worksheets http://tiny.cc/3b12gw

The following document analysis worksheets were designed and developed by the Education Staff of the National Archives and Records Administration. You may find these worksheets useful as you introduce students to various documents. Thousands of documents are available throughout sections of the National Archives website, including: Teaching With Documents, Online Exhibits, and the ARC Online Catalog.

  • Written Document

  • Photograph

  • Cartoon

  • Poster

  • Map

  • Artifact

  • Motion Picture

  • Sound Recording

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