Century global skills

Extension: Response Journal --

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Extension: Response Journal -- How does this project relate to the unit theme of Cultural Identity?

Formative Assessments

  • Student conferences (Check for student’s pace of

Culminating activity, assignments, understanding

of historical content, summarizing skills)

  • Exit Slips/ www.socrative.com

Socrative allows teachers to collected quantitative data, students enter a response through Socrative and an Excel spreadsheet is generated for the teacher’s review.

Poll everywhere is a free response system (similar to clickers) where students post open-ended responses to questions (Do Nows) or participate in a survey like review for an exam.

  • Running blog to discuss Belief Systems and (www.blogger.com is free)

  • Photo or Political Cartoon analysis (A tip sheet on how to analyze political cartoons is attached in the Resource section of this curriculum).

  • Webquest: A web quest is meant to guide students through a process of inquiry through a set of assigned tasks that lead them to a conclusion, or that results in a product.

  • Electronic Survey (www.surveymonkey.com and Google Forms is free)

  • Belief Systems- Student created subpages based on a topic involving Judaism, Islam, and Christianity

  • Edmodo- Social networking site where students can discuss class assignments and projects. Teacher, students, and parents can all post comments and reflections.

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