Century global skills

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Teaching Strategy

As the global community becomes more interdependent, it is extremely important for people to become aware of the spiritual heritage of one another. Many religions teach their religious beliefs through folktales, myths, and sacred writings. Your assignment is to construct a heritage story in a narrative format that illustrates the fundamental beliefs of a major world religion.

Working in groups of three (3), choose one of the religions covered in the unit. You will create a PowerPoint slide presentation to be presented orally and visually to the class following the criteria listed here:

  • Minimum ten (10) slides, plus a title slide and a bibliography

  • Founder (monotheistic or polytheistic)

  • Country/continent of origin

The project will be assessed on research, oral presentation, visual design, and technological mechanics.

Extension: Create a short question and answer quiz to be completed by the class at the end of the presentation.

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