Century global skills

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Student Activity Page

  1. Select at least one (1) Greek myth to read.

  1. Record the title, author, and cite your source of information.

  1. Keep a list of unfamiliar words or places to look up later on.

  1. Who was the god or goddess in the myth?

  1. State three (3) or more facts about him or her.

  1. What special qualities or powers did he or she have?

  1. What was the major problem or conflict in the myth?

  1. Was the problem or conflict resolved?

  1. How did the god or goddess use his or her special abilities in the myth to assist in solving the problem?

What other sources of information are you going to use to learn more about your god or goddess? Have you visited any of the websites?

What are you going to do for your project and presentation?

(See me if you want to talk about it first or you think you need some help.)

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