Century global skills

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Formative Assessment #1

To show understanding of the strength and weaknesses of Athens, Sparta, and Persia and how they contributed to conflicts among their governments, students will create maps that show how each army could conquer another.

Formative Assessment #2

Students will participate in a class debate about conflicts between government or cultures.

Formative Assessment #3

Create and complete a Venn Diagram of Minoans and Mycenaeans comparing and contrasting the two cultures of ancient Greece.

Formative Assessment #4

Sequencing: Have students place key events in Greek history in the proper order.

Formative Assessment #5

Students will compare and rights associated with citizenship in ancient Greece with those in the United States and decide which are more inclusive.

Formative Assessment #6

Have students work in pairs to create a postcard that illustrates the conflict between Greece and Persia.

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