Century global skills

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Teacher Notes:

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think are the more important contributions the ancient Greeks made to the world today?

2. What are some subjects that interested the Greek philosophers? What ideas did they develop?

3. Was everyone eligible for citizenship in ancient Greece? If not, who was excluded? Would ancient Greece still be considered a democracy today? Why or why not?

4. Compare the myths of ancient Greece with other fables, folktales, or tall tales that you have studied. What are some common themes? How are Greek myths different?

5. Compare the modern Olympics to the Olympics in ancient Greece.

6. Find two buildings in your community, one in classical Greek style and another in a modern style. If such buildings are not available where you live, use those in your state capital or in Washington, D.C. Discuss and explain differences in style, structure, and appearance.


You can evaluate students' work using the following three-point rubric:

  • One point: took part in the group project, researching some facts and working with others; submitted an incomplete activity sheet; presented little or no information in group presentation; demonstrated little understanding of the material researched.

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