Century global skills

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Jersey City Public Schools

Department of Curriculum and Instruction



This template is the product of an initiative led by the New Jersey Department of Education, Office of Academic Standards, in partnership with the New Jersey Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (NJASCD) and the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association (NJPSA).

The Unit is designed to summarize the content and objectives for the unit, outline lessons and assessments that support the unit, and provide links to documents that facilitate delivery of the unit, such as student materials, background information, resources, and performance rubrics.

Each unit is aligned with the 2009 Core Curriculum Content Standards and that assist in achieving the goal of engaging students, fostering achievement, and cultivating 21st century global skills. The units stress the integration of 21st century themes and skills, global perspectives, technology, and cross-curricular connections.

It is important to note that the Jersey City School District allots the instruction of Social Studies a total of 135 minutes per week. Social Studies schedules are different in each school; some have 45 or 90 minute periods, or a combination of both. This should be taken into consideration when planning teacher instruction. The lesson plans attached to each unit are suggested lessons for the teachers. They are aligned to prepare the students for the quarterly, midterm, and final assessments.

One addition to the new Social Studies curriculum is the integration of diagnostic assessments where students will take two quarterly assessments, a midterm, and a final.

Social Studies Skills

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