Central Visual and Performing Arts High School

To Achieve Success In This Course

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To Achieve Success In This Course

  • Participate and keep trying to play the guitar. Each student progresses at different speeds. Sometimes your progress might be very slow, so participate every day, be patient and persistent and you will do fine.

  • Do what is asked of you. You will not be asked to do anything that is not useful to play the guitar. A lot of the little things can be useful and you might not understand how useful until later.

  • Try to learn how to play other music outside of this class. Anything you can play will help you progress.

Additional Information

  • E-mail – william.drennen@slps.org

  • Phone – (314) 771-2772 Mr. Drennen ext. 41407

  • Teacher website with course information – http://www.slps.org//Domain/2107

I have received and read the syllabus information for Intermediate Guitar

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