Central Visual and Performing Arts High School

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Course Materials

  • Folder

  • Pencil

  • Paper

  • Guitar pick (guitar students only). These are available for .25 cents from the teacher at cost.

  • Guitar or bass guitar(student can bring their own or use one supplied for in-school use only)

  • Books - Sound Innovations for Guitar by Bill Purce and Aaron Stang

  • - Fretboard Logic SE by Bill Edwards

  • - Everybody’s Guitar Ensembles 1 by Philip Groeber, David Hoge, and Ray Sanchez

  • The Austin Classical Guitar Society Guitar Curriculum Library

  • Various handouts and pieces of music

Course Policies

  • No hall passes except in an emergency. This is a policy of Central VPA High School

  • No hats or headgear are to be worn in the class. This is a policy of Central VPA High School

  • Anyone who persistently plays an electric guitar too loudly after being warned will be denied electric guitar privileges for a length of time to be determined by the teacher.

  • Do not move your chair or music stand unless told. The chairs and music stands have been arranged in order for everyone to be able to hear their guitar.

  • If you miss a test because of absence, talk to the teacher as soon as you return. It is up to you to remember to take the test.

  • Follow the school dress code as written in the student handbook.

  • You must dress appropriately for a performance when performing.

  • The clothes needed for formal performances are – black button up collared dress shirt, black dress pants (no black jeans), black socks and black dress shoes.

  • No embroidery or designs are permitted on the clothes. Girls may not have to wear socks depending on the shoe style. If you do not dress appropriately for a performance, you will not perform and be graded as missing the performance.

Class rules are –

  • No horseplay

  • No eating or drinking

  • No electronic devices

  • Be respectful to the teacher and others

Consequences are –

  • conference with the teacher

  • phone call to parent/guardian

  • referral with a phone call to parent/guardian

  • conference with teacher, administrator, and parent/guardian

  • Due to the severity or re-occurrence of a rule being broken, a step in the consequences may be skipped.

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