Censorship in Thailand Presentation Outline Introduction

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Censorship in Thailand Presentation Outline

Give a brief explanation about what we are going to talk about or what is included in the presentation

  • Definition of censorship

  • Types of censorship in Thailand

  • How it affects people positively and negatively in Thailand this is subjective, you can easily find people who say no censorship ever is better.

I. First type of censorship: Internet censorship

A. Single gateway

  • It allows the government to have an access to personal information of the public Internet users.

  • "General Prayuth was worried about Thai Yyouth accessing inappropriate content," in fact, privacy should be considered more importantly.

B. Daily Mail There are many sites blocked, Why are you only picking Daily Mail? Why not discuss the larger issue of LM?

  • It is banned by the military since Daily Mail published the content about the Royal family. In this case, the news media is blamed for not following Thai lese-majeste laws.

II. Second type of censorship: media censorship I don’t understand. The other stuff is media too, yet you call this media censorship.
A. Banned films

  • Arbat (อาบัติ)

  • A Thai movie about a monk that acted inappropriately such as having a relationship with a female during his ordination, drinking alcohol, and committing violence. The worst thing he did was not respecting a Thai god called Buddha. Because of this, The Department of Cultural Promotion made an order to ban this movie.

  • Hunger Games (3 fingers sign)

  • Three fingers salute symbolizes admiration, thanks, or saying goodbye to a person that you love.

  • In Thailand, the military coup thought of it as a silent resistance or unofficial symbol of opposition to Thailand’s coup.

  • Quote supporting (more will be added to the presentation): This is the all of the meaning of the sign, “a photo montage circulating online paired a picture from The Hunger Games with a graphic of three fingers labelled, 1. No Coup, 2. Liberty, 3. Democracy.”

B. No press freedom This is a fairly major exaggeration.

  • National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has taken control over Thailand. This means we all need to follow their rules at the moment. This junta gives Prayuth absolute power since May, 2014.

  • Pravit Rojanaphruk, a Thai journalist who stands up for freedom of expression especially in news media.

  • He thinks that we are under Junta Land.

  • Most Thai journalists think that censorship is a “threat to press freedom”.

  • Quote supporting: “Why should I carry it when my rights as a citizen are no longer there?” someone wrote under the name of Supachai Saibut, “I have been completely robbed.”

I’d like to see you concentrate on things other than Pravit, since the class already knows plenty about him obviously since he came to the class.
C. Drawing a satirical cartoon is prohibited in Thailand (especially the ones that are too sarcastic)

  • Bangkok Post

  • A satirical cartoon by Sakda Sae-eaw, which was too offensive, is prohibited to publish to the public. “When your cartoons only attack, but do not contain jokes. You cannot do this job,” said Sakda.

III. Advantages and disadvantages of censorship
A. Advantages

  • It helps preserve sensitive information or secrets of a nation.

  • Example: information about a military

  • It protects children from inappropriate material.

  • Abusive scenes in movies may offend a certain group of people. In this case, censorship prevents that.

  • Example: Hunger Games This is all subjectives. I wouldn’t call these “advantages”. You might say this is the government’s argument, but “advantages” is the wrong terminology.

B. Disadvantages

  • No freedom of speech in the country when people have the right to know “NO freedom” is too strong. Don’t get carried away.

  • Works against creativity

  • Example: Pravit Rojanaphruk Find someone else.

  • Limit the ability of a society to advance the greater understandings of the world

  • People can seek less information.

  • Example: a satirical cartoon by Sakda Sae-eaw find broader, better examples, even beyond Thailand.

  • Intrude on the privacy of a person

  • Example: Single gateway How does it “intrude” it stops the free flow of information.

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