Celebrating Cinco de Mayo Clarkdale, az arriba! The Cinco de Mayo Celebration

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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Clarkdale, AZ - Arriba! The Cinco de Mayo Celebration on May 5th unleashes a colorful fiesta saluting a rich heritage. The roots of Hispanic culture run deep in the Verde Valley so it is no wonder that Cinco de Mayo is much anticipated throughout the region. The celebration begins at Verde Canyon Railroad before the train even departs the station. The rhythmic vitality of Mariachi music sets the toe-tapping mood while you enjoy authentic Mexican food and specialty drinks from the Copper Spike Café.

Cinco de Mayo is a national patriotic holiday commemorating a significant event in the history of Mexico. On May 5, 1862, the Battle of Puebla was a victory won against overwhelming odds. Cinco de Mayo has come to symbolize the triumph of freedom, a message that rings true to people of all backgrounds. Today, it is recognized as an opportunity to come together and celebrate Hispanic culture with food, drink, music and friends.

The festivities continue as the train clickety-clacks into the lush backcountry carved by the Verde River. Historical narration creates an intriguing portrait of the rolling landscape and the rugged people who settled here. Sip a margarita from the comfort of the coaches until a seductive spring breeze pulls you out onto open-air viewing cars to savor heart-squeezing panoramas of a stunning canyon wilderness. Don’t be surprised to see eagles, those symbols of freedom, circling majestically overhead.

Whenever possible, Mother’s Day should be spent in the comforting embrace of Mother Nature. It’s the perfect excuse to Throw Mama ON the Train. Don’t miss the chance to give mom a gift she will always cherish. She’ll love the pampered luxury of first-class accommodations and the radiant scenery gliding past, but most of all she’ll love spending a stress-free slow-paced day with her family. Of course, each mom also will receive a gift chosen specially for her from the Verde Canyon Railroad.

To make reservations call 800-293-7245 or visit www.verdecanyonrr.com.

Trains depart the depot at 1:00 pm and return at 5:00 pm, just in time to continue the day’s fun with a guitar-strummin’ good time at the Blazin’ M Chuckwagon Dinner Show in nearby Cottonwood. Reservations for this distinctively Arizona cowboy experience can be made when booking train reservations.

The Verde Canyon Railroad depot is located in Clarkdale, Arizona, 25 minutes from Sedona and two hours north of Phoenix.

It’s not the destination; it’s always been the journey

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