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No 04 (85) 2010 FOR BOLSHEVISM-AUCPB website:
CC AUCPB Statement
Menacing U.S. imperialism has made remarkable efforts to ignite the flames of war on the Korean peninsula and to destroy the freedom-loving, independent and courageous people of the DPRK, successfully building their own prosperous socialist state.
Our party fully agrees with the judgements of the General Staff of the KPA and the NDC of the DPRK on the culprits of an explosive situation, which has re-emerged on the Korean peninsula. We fully support the DPRK's steps taken to defend the independence and sovereignty of their country. Americans probably have forgotten the lessons of the Great Fatherland Liberation War 1950-1953 and try again to embark on a dangerous adventure – to "test" the strength of the socialist system, the monolithic unity of the DPRK people around their political party leadership, which, unlike the former leadership of the CPSU - USSR, which surrendered the country and the people to the enemy, the close-knit unity with the heroic people will do everything to defend the honour, freedom and independence of the DPRK.
  An attempt by the U.S. to unleash a war against North Korea could trigger the beginning of a third world war and the inevitable downfall of civilization. The financial movers of the US are trying to save agonizing imperialism, via the outbreak of another world war, ignoring the fact that while no one can escape – there will be no winners!
   We call upon world public opinion, the working people of all countries to act decisively against another criminal adventure by the ruling elite of the U.S. and those governments that are allied with the United States who are acting against their own people. This, alas, includes the Government of Russia.

      9 March 2010. Leningrad


Will workers unite for the sake of participating in parliamentary games?
Regarding the initiative of the RCWP to form the "ROT Front"

February 22 in Moscow saw the taking place of the founding congress of a new "political party" with a loud name "Russian United Labour Front" (Rossiysky Obyedenniy Trudovoy Front (abbreviated ROT Front - and otherwise translated from German language – Red Front (Rot in German means Red in English)). The initiator of the new "party" is RCWP-RPK (Russian Communist Workers’ Party –Russian Party of Communists (V. TYUL'KIN), together with the Left Front. Trade union MORP "Zashita" and several other unions in the face of their leaders from the workers' organizations and alternative trade unions took the decision to participate in the "ROT Front".
Taking the name from the militant wing of the KPD (Germany), which was led by Ernst Thalmann (ROT FRONT), the organizers of the new "party" claim that they are supposedly creating
"a broad united and common front of workers” “The Red Front, (they call it) is continuing the traditions of the struggle against fascism as ROT Front did in the 1920-s -1940-s. ". But everyone is clear – as the initiators themselves of the project do not hide "- that this created "ROT Front" aims "to build our actually existing forces for quite a certain kind of struggle - a parliamentary struggle"(V. TYUL'KIN).
party nomenklatura of RCWP again embarks on a parliamentary game playing by the rules of the financial oligarchy. Having received no entrance seat in the lists of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) (led by Zyuganov) during the previous parliamentary elections in 2007, when the CPRF "threw out" the RCWP as useless and the RCWP parted company with a warm parliamentary seat, V. Tyul'kin is now seeking new ways to bring about what he has longed for. It did not come with the CPRF – so Tyul'kin looking for other "allies" in order to put together a "voting bloc."
Together with V. Tyul'kin in the company is S. Udaltsov, member of the Left Front, the leader of the AKM, always dreaming of finding a financial sponsor and participated in the creation based on AKM Left Front for the registration of the "new leftist party" for passage into the bourgeois parliament; I. Ponomarev - member of the Left Front, State Duma deputy, member of the faction "Fair Russia"; Yury Mukhin ( "The army of popular will "), instructing that "the implementation of Marx's" division of society into classes in "is remarkable in its... absurdity"; A. Prigarin - leader of the trotskyite Russian Communist Party-CPSU, a member of the Left Front, which, however, has not yet taken a final decision on participation in this "project" because it does not agree with the "ideological position" of Yuri Mukhin. They all have the same goal as that of V. Tyulkin - "Today we need to go into the arena of big politics" (from the decision of the Left Front of 12 December 2009.), i.e. sit in the chair of the highly-paid bourgeois clerks, who are all, without exception, deputies of the Russian State Duma.
This upper unscrupulous unity for the sake of participation in parliamentary elections, in which they want to draw a number of workers' organizations and trade unions, is being called for external consumption “Red Front”, "ROT Front", " "united front of workers," etc.
Tyul'kin and co, are deceiving workers’ leaders, assuring them that "ROT Front" has been formed, ostensibly, "for the development of the class struggle." On the contrary, the bourgeoisie finds it is advantageous that on the wave observed in recent years, of the formation and growth of the Labour and trade union movement, to involve the leaders of workers' organizations and trade unions in dead end parliamentary games, distracting them from organizing the growing class struggle. Existing alternative trade unions are reluctant to participate in this "front of the working people" and look upon it with suspicion, except the RCWP, but with a negligible influence in the workers’ environment – the MORP “Zashita” trade union or the virtual "RIK" Congress of Workers, as well as some trade union leaders.
V. Tyul'kin in the article “Got up - so go!" demonstrates surprising political blockheadedness, calling for a "seize the opportunity to use the highest (!) Rostrum," about which Lenin wrote - in parliaments, they only talk for the special purpose of fooling the "common people" ( PSS, v.33, p.46), "the workers well know and feel, see and realize that the bourgeois parliaments are institutions alien, an instrument for oppressing the proletariat by the bourgeoisie, the establishment of a hostile class, exploiting minority" (v. 37, P.257). Most of the working class and other workers see the State Duma of Russia as a hotbed of political intrigue and corruption. There is no "platform" to promote socialist ideas and the Duma has for not a long time already been under an the information blockade. Parliaments, Senates, City Councils – are today a screen for the financial oligarchy and safety valves for the timely letting off of steam of popular discontent.
V. Tyul'kin is sinking deeper into the embrace of parliamentary cretinism: "... In contrast to the CPRF, we insist on involvement in politics of not only the so-called elite, but ordinary working people so that once again rang out the true words of the proletarian anthem: "We’ll achieve freedom with our own hands!" V. Tyul'kin is going to pursue the implementation of the great covenant of the proletarian anthem by ... joining themselves (the leaders) in with a bourgeois parliament! We know well what these beautiful words about "the participation of working people in politics" mean in practice, when during the 2003 elections from the RCWP, only Tyul'kin, i.e the party leader got into the Duma, having received a Duma seat by favor of the higher-party nomenklatura of the CPRF.
V. Tyul'kin to get the support of some unions, gives promises to workers’ leaders, saying "ROT Front" will be promoted to "first place in the lists for the elections of real leaders of the workers’ movement." The bourgeoisie needs this today, so that recognized leaders of the workers’ movement get "settled" into parliamentary seats, breaking away from the working masses.
Failing to register the RCWP in 2007, Tyul'kin has again embarked on another political adventure, drawing rank and file party members and leftist young people into them. The conditions for registration of a party are draconian. To register a political party, 45 thousand members need to be must be gathered, with half of the subjects of the Russian Federation, the size of the regional offices should be at least made up of 450 people. If you register a party, you must submit to the Justice Ministry of Russia (we note here and also to Centre "E", i.e. the Centre for Combating Extremism) lists of all party members, their names, addresses, passport details, lists of members of all governing bodies of the Party , both federal and regional, their location, etc. So big is the desire of Tyulkina, Udaltsova and Co. to sit in parliamentary seats, and enter into "major politics", that for this they are willing to surrender to the regime all the members and supporters of their organization!
RCWP and LF have already given the command in the localities "register" into the new "party" not only to all the members of their organizations, but to all "sympathizers", relatives and friends. But where are they going to gather 45 thousand people? Every person has to "persuade" a dozen "sympathizers" and "register" them into the "party". What kind of "workers front” is this, sewn together in a hurry from "dead souls" (i.e. registered as only lists on paper, but not actually working)?
We hope that the leftist youth have the good sense not to participate in this devious adventure of the detached from life RCWP party nomenklatura and the leaders of the Left Front.
The organizers of the new "party" have drafted "Program" (adopted by the Founding Congress, but not yet published), which is stuffed with such passages as: the party "operates in accordance with the Constitution and current legislation of Russia", "priority ... is to fight poverty in Russia ... on the basis of national economic recovery," ” ROT Front – is a party of social justice", “ ROT Front – is a party of people's democracy ", " ROT Front – is a party of activism, ""the party organizes and carries out actions that are not prohibited by law, the party is seeking "real income for everyone according to work done", etc. This "program", was concocted for the sake of registration in the Ministry of Justice of Russia, for its ideological and political content is no different from the CPRF program, or the "Fair Russia" party. Tyul'kin said, referring to Lenin, that it is necessary to "take part even in dirty elections", while "forgetting" to add that Lenin saw the participation of Communists in elections from the perspective of the need to convey to the masses their own, distinct from the other parties and organizations, ideological and political - communist - position.
Behind all the high-flown calls by Tyulkina and Co intended to deceive the politically illiterate RCWP Party members and young people of LF (AKM), on the gaining of a "high public rostrum" or creating a "new left-wing party" (Udaltsov), hides the purely "pragmatic" desire of the leaders of the RCWP and LF to sit in parliamentary seats and gain access to the parliamentary trough. But will the regime allow this?
 "... The entire political life Tyul'kin reveals "the secret veil" – is covered with a hood ... of Kremlin's spin doctors, and onto the public political arena are allowed organizations and individuals only with the permission (!) of the Kremlin, including the opposition." Tyul'kin hopes that the regime will allow him. Maybe. But not for the development of the class struggle, but to knock down the social protests of workers that are growing in the economic crisis into the channel of "legal" parliamentary activities, or, by definition of Lenin, into the mainstream of parliamentary cretinism. But the RCWP and LF are not worried by this. Indeed, the true objectives rather than the stated objectives of Tyulkin, Udaltsov, Ponomarev and co are completely different ...
The criminal regime established in our country, most likely, will not allow Tyulkin and Co. near the tempting parliamentary trough, the sake of which they are climbing in there for. Why should the regime finance such activities of MP-s?
Communists need to resolutely reject the imposed on workers by the former party nomenklatura of the CPSU pre-perestroika unscrupulous parliamentary games played by the rules of the financial oligarchy. Elections to the Duma are fully controlled from the Kremlin, which allows near the parliamentary trough only those who agree to play by its rules. Combining the working class and other workers, communists, and all fighting for the interests of working people into a single worker and a broad popular front is necessary, but not to participate in parliamentary games, but to organize a broad, popular protest with the aim of carrying out a socialist revolution and the restoration of our Soviet Motherland.

Summarizing what has been said:
If "ROT Front" is registered with the ruling power, then this will mean:
1. allegiance by trade unions and other forces opposed to the dominant power of capital to the ruling power, in order to make the workers’ movement fully controllable, which is only standing up on its feet, or even to stifle it.
2. use by the initiators of the forming of "ROT Front" of the proper motivation to unite for the sake of an absurd idea - to use the parliamentary platform for the development of class struggle on the ground, i.e. deliberate deception of those who "bite" on the venture "ROT Front", in return for the voluntary transfer of information about members to the secret service of the regime, i.e. in other words - use instead the naive and gullible.
If "ROT Front" is not registered, it will mean a desire by organizers of the "movement" by any means to clamber into the Duma for the acquisition lucrative "well-paid seat" with those in power. Remember that the minimum wage of a Duma deputy (MP) is 170 thousand rubles a month and, according to the current Duma adopted laws, a lifetime pension equal to 70% of salary (about 120 thousand rubles). To this should be added - an apartment in Moscow, the payment of all expenses "for business trips" not only in the country but also abroad (remember that over the Christmas holidays, most members of the Duma go to resorts in Europe), a generous funding of 5 or more "assistants" for each MP, a personal car and driver, bodyguard and others.
An organization, getting into the Duma, receives by law quite large monthly cash subsidies for every vote cast "IN FAVOUR OF" this organization in the elections.
 If V.A. Tyul'kin was not so eager to get to the Duma at all costs, if he was really concerned about the issue of unification of all anti-counterrevolutonary forces which we have always called for, (V. Tyul'kin and others like them have always ignored offer to work together), we, the AUCPB, would enter into a formed "ROT Front". But according to his own opinion, Victor Arcadievich * thinks that to be in the Duma is to be a servant of the current anti-people’s criminal power.
Why break a spear, and betraying his own party comrades (who entered the RCWP for combating the counterrevolution), deceiving the simple-minded about the forming of a true "ROT Front" (registration of a political party, entitling the holder to participate in the parliamentary game by the rules of the ruling oligarchy of bandits).
* (His remarks at a meeting of Communist Parties in Moscow when Tyulkina was member of the Duma - in the Communist Party faction - the last time he was elected concerning the appropriateness of his speeches in the Duma, in contrast to the position of Zyuganov: "And how does Gennady Andreyevich Zyuganov leader of the CPRF respond to this? ... He would exclude me from his faction in the Dume ... ")


Lenin on the bourgeois parliament

"Bourgeois parliament, even the most democratic in the most democratic republic, in which the property of the capitalists and their government is preserved, is a machine for the suppression of millions of workers by groups of exploiters" (PSS, 37, pp. 457).
"Every few years a person can decide which member of the ruling class will repress and crush the people through parliament - this is the real essence of bourgeois parliamentarism,
not only in parliamentary-constitutional monarchies, but also in the most democratic republics" (v.33, pp. 46).
"... Real "state " work is conducted behind the scenes and is carried out by departments, offices, staffs. Parliament is only a talk shop for the specific purpose of deceiving the "common people" (vol. 33, p.46).
"... The Stock Exchange and banks more so dominate bourgeois parliaments, the more highly developed a democracy is..." (v. 37, pp. 255)
"... Only a liberal can forget the historical limitations and conditions of a bourgeois parliamentarism ... At every step in the most democratic bourgeois state, the oppressed masses meet the glaring contradiction between formal equality, which the capitalists proclaim as "democracy", and the thousands of real limitations and subterfuges which make the proletarians wage slaves. It is this contradiction that opens the eyes of the masses to the rotteness, mendacity and hypocrisy of capitalism "(v. 37, s.255)
"The participation in bourgeois parliaments (they never decide important questions under bourgeois democracy: important questions are decided by the exchange and the banks) is obstructed by fences from the thousands of working people and the workers know and feel, see and realize that bourgeois parliaments are institutions which are alien, instruments for oppressing the proletariat by the bourgeoisie, and the establishment of a hostile class, the exploiting class "(v. 37, pp. 256 -257).
"... Any state in which there is private ownership of land and the means of production, dominated by capital, no matter how democratic it may be - it is a capitalist state, it is a machine in the hands of the capitalists to keep down the working class and poor peasantry. And universal suffrage, the Constituent Assembly, the parliament - is only a form, a kind of promissory note, which does not alter the essence"(v. 39, pp. 81).
"The strength of capital – is everything, the Exchange – is everything, and the parliament, the elections – are marionettes, puppets ..." (v.39, p.83).
"... The bourgeoisie in the old parliamentary countries have learned greatly how to deceive and fool the people using thousands of devices, giving bourgeois parliamentarism the appearance of "democracy in general "... skillfully hiding the millions of connections parliament has with the Exchange and the capitalists, using bribery, corrupt press, and by all means resorting to the power of money, and power of capital "(v.39, p.160).
"The proletariat can not win without winning over the majority of the population. But to limit or condition this to achieving of the majority of votes in elections under the rule of the bourgeoisie is impassable blockheadedness or a simple cheating of workers "(Vol.40, C14).
"... In the most democratic republics, in fact terror and the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie dominate, which are openly displayed each time the exploiters think that the power of capital is shaking" (v. 37, s.496).
"... to limit oneself to bourgeois parliamentarism and bourgeois democracy, to embellish it as "democracy" in general, to obscure its bourgeois character, to forget that universal suffrage, while remaining the property of the capitalists, is one of the instruments of the bourgeois state - means shamefully betray the proletariat, to move onto the side of his class enemy, the bourgeoisie, to be a traitor and a renegade"(v. 37, pp. 457-458).


            As expected, the loudly proclaimed establishment of a new leftist party, was another zilch. Less than a month after the founding congress, and its members are beginning to disperse from the most hard-hitting accusations against each other. As a result - zilch, and another blow to the left movement – beating themselves. Read on:

Statement by the Organizing Bureau of the Central Committee of Revolutionary Communist Party-CPSU
Having reviewed the situation prevailing in the Constituent Congress of the Party "Rot-Front", the Organizing Bureau of the Central Committee have stated that the Communists of our party will not enter into this new party and participate in its work.
We believe that the leaders of the RCWP-RPC (Russian Communist Workers’ Party –Tyulkin)) after having invited Yu Mukhina and his organization - the "Army of Popular Will " to participate in the "Rot-Front" , as well as part of the leadership of the Left Front having given permission for this, have committed a grave political mistake. This fact delivers to the entire new party an indelible red-brown stain.
The RCP-CPSU from the very onset supported the initiative of V. Tyulkina to merge leftist communist organizations and took part in this work. However, in December V. Tyul'kin unexpectedly announced to the other members of the Organizing Committee of the Congress that they had reached agreement in principle with Yu Mukhin on the accession of that same APW into the projected party. A. Prigarin, as the representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party-CPSU immediately declared that the admission of Mukhin be called into question on the participation in the "Rot-Front" of our party. Nevertheless, literally right up to the congress, the comrades of the RCWP-RPC gave more than evasive answers regarding the participation of Mukhin and APW. Two days before the Congress, February 20, at the last meeting of the Organizing Committee, with the consensus of the Bureau of the Congress, Mukhin’s name wasn’t even mentioned, and his appearance in it at all was a complet surprise to the delegates of the Left Front.
It is our firm belief that a communist can not be in a party with a man who has heckled Marshal Zhukov, and argues that "Hitler must be regarded as the most outstanding commander in chief of all time."
Mukhin is an active enemy of Marxism and, moreover, allows himself to talk down about Marx. “The aim of Marxism” admits Mukhin, "is very good – it shows people the path to a future society of justice - and the nobility of this goal has obscured the wretchedness of itself – in the teachings. There is no sense to consider this wretchedness fully, but at one point it should be stopped. Marx divided the people into two basic classes - capitalists and the proletariat, and this division is striking for its scientific (true) absurdity.”
Already in recent days, after the Constituent Congress, Yu Mukhin published an article on the Internet, where many times he repeats that he considers himself a communist, but he allows himself to say: "I'd be a sheep, if I began to divide people into classes as Marx did.” These words sound like an insult to all Communists, primarily to members of the party, which describe themselves as a workers’ party.
Some comrades say that in the struggle against the regime, the widest possible Unification has to be formed and they point out, as an example, that in the framework of the National Assembly cooperate very different forces, including members and APW and the Left Front as well as the Revolutionary Communist Party-CPSU.
However, there is a fundamental difference between different kinds of movements, coalitions, community organizations, etc., formed to achieve small or private aims (in the case of the National Assembly – this is to protect the remnants of the bourgeois-democratic freedoms and their expansion) and political parties as associations of like-minded people.
We declare that if we recognize Mukhin as a communist, then Hitler should be considered a true socialist. We share the appeal of V. Tyulkin: "to organize ourselves for class struggle!".
The Organizing Bureau of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party-CPSU declares that our party remains a reliable collective member of the Left Front, and will continue to fight in its ranks and work for its development.
The Organizing Bureau recommends:
- Members of the RCP-CPSU should not apply for membership into the "Rot-Front" and not participate in its registration;

- Comrade A.A. Prigarin should withdraw from the Central Committee and Political Council of "Rot-Front", and

Comrade S.A. Krivonosa should leave the Central Committee of "Rot-Front".

First secretary of the CC Revolutionary Communist Party-CPSU A. Prigarin, Moscow, March 02 2010.

A very lively discussion of this situation is here: # t26899715

You can take a look and participate.



On February 14, the Central Election Commission summed up results of the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine.
For Yanukovich voted 12 million 481 thousand 266 voters (48,95%), for Yulia Timoshenko - 11 million 593 thousand 357 voters (45,47%), voters who did not support any candidate 1 mln.113 thousand . 055 voters (4.36%). Total who
participated in the vote - 69.07% of voters.
Protocol with the results of the vote was signed by all 15 members of the CEC, of which five supporters of Yulia Timoshenko, a dissenting opinion.
After that, the CEC Chairman Volodymyr Shapoval declared elected President of Ukraine V. Yanukovych.
On February 16, Verkhovna Rada (upper house of parliament) of Ukraine appointed the date of the presidential inauguration for February 25. V. Yanukovych will swear oath at the solemn session of parliament. The Resolution on setting a date for the inauguration was supported 238 people's deputies, including MPs from the Party of Regions, KPU( Communist Party of Ukraine), and the Lytvyn Bloc faction of the Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defense.”
Earlier, before the announcement of official results of voting, counting only on the basis of the results according to the electronic protocols, Yanukovich on his election as President of Ukraine, congratulated the leaders of major world powers, including France, Germany, USA and Russia.
The elections in Ukraine were democratic, open, without fraud and systemic disorders that may affect the final results – were recognised as such by almost all international observers present at the elections, including the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly of NATO, EU, CIS, and others. The Head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine (the organization that is prone to orange forces) noted that the massive rigging the ballots they had not seen, were only minor violations.
This suggests that the results of the elections were recognized by Europe and the United States and international organizations under their control.
Therefore, the attempt Y. Tymoshenko over Ukraine's Supreme Administrative Court to reconsider the election results, which she filed a lawsuit in 9 volumes, which contained, in its opinion, evidence of election fraud, confirmed by photo and video materials, as well as lists of sites which violations have been recorded are unlikely to bring success. On February 17, the court suspended the decision rendered on February 14 of the Central Election Commission to declare the results of presidential elections. This is an interim measure, which will operate a couple of days before the adjudication of the claim on the merits. At the same time, a second request for the premiere - to ban the inauguration of Yanukovych, the court left without satisfaction, because Yanukovych is not a defendant in this case, "and therefore has no legal grounds for a ban on the exercise of certain actions."
According to some political analysts, the court is unlikely to decide in favor of Tymoshenko, ie, there will be no recount, no third round of elections. And this is mainly due to the fact that the imperialist West recognized the election results in Ukraine. This means that the West is ready to cooperate with Yanukovych - the representative of major oligarchic capital of Ukraine andis ready to cooperate with that capital.
Some believe that the elections marked a victory over the orange forces, since their leader Yushchenko took shameful fifth place for the current president of Ukraine results.
I think that this is not quite so, and in fact, far from it.
Y. Tymoshenko has won in most regions of Ukraine: in 16 Western Ukrainian and central regions and in Kyiv. Yanukovych won in 8 eastern and south-eastern regions, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. The advantage Yanukovych has in these regions in which he won, is that they are the more densely populated regions. And the gap between the two presidential candidates is not so great.
In fact, we have a split of Ukraine, the split on linguistic, religious grounds, on the foreign policy orientation, the nature of economic development (the eastern regions are part of the industrial heart of Ukraine, and the western and central areas - mainly agricultural). The bourgeoisie are deliberately doing this to pit workers in some regions of Ukraine against workers from other regions, and most of all plunder the working people, regardless of place of residence, language, religion, etc.
Workers in Ukraine should be aware that in the struggle for the presidency, two of the largest clans of the bourgeoisie clashed, whose purpose is the same - to ensure its political leader occupies the coveted top post in the state, to gain an advantage in the fight with a rival faction of the bourgeoisie and put in his pocket the profit from the further ruthless exploitation of working people.
But in any case, regardless of who will sit in the presidential chair, power one way or another, remains in the hands of the bourgeoisie. Between the bourgeoisie they will come to some understanding, and will negotiate behind the backs of working people and at the expense of workers.
The winner in the presidential race, straight after the inauguration, will gain all presidential powers, and at once completely abandon his election pledges and will faithfully serve the bourgeoisie, who placed him onto the presidential throne.
We can say that in this election victory of the bourgeoisie, big capital won, but the working people lost.
The working class and all sectors of the working people of Ukraine should be free themselves from any kind of election illusions of faith in the good uncle (or aunt), who will take care of them, but combine their efforts in the fight for their rights, the right to a dignified life .


57 years ago, on March 5, 1953, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin died, the leader of the Soviet people, workers and oppressed people all over the world, the great continuer of the great Lenin, the head of the world's first multinational workers and peasants state - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Supreme Commander, under whose leadership the Soviet people, and the Soviet Armed Forces had defeated fascism and liberated the peoples of Europe from fascist slavery.
In December 1959, when the Soviet Union during the entire raging unbridled anti-Stalin campaign, a campaign of lies and slander waged by the Khruschevites, in the UK House of Lords with a speech devoted to the 80-th birthday of J.V.
Stalin, Winston Churchill spoke. Here is some appreciation that this anti-Communist, and a class enemy of the Soviet people, was forced to give our leader:
"The great blessing for Russia was that during the ordeal it was led by a genius and a staunch military leader, Joseph Stalin. He was an outstanding individual, impressive by our cruel time of that period within which he lived. Stalin was a man of extraordinary energy, erudition and unbending will power ... In his writings sounded gigantic power. This strength is so great in Stalin, that he seemed unique among the leaders of all time. His influence on people was irresistible. When he entered the hall of the Yalta conference, all of us, as if by command, stood up. And, strangely enough, we saluted him ... Stalin possessed deep, devoid of any panic, logical and sensible wisdom. He was an unsurpassed master in difficult moments and found a way out of the very desperate situation ... It was the man who destroyed his enemy by the hands of his enemies, and forced us, which he openly called imperialists to fight against imperialists ... It took Russia from the plough and left it equipped with atomic weapons. No matter what they say about Stalin, history and people do not forget such individuals."

On March 1, the "Ukraine-Cuba" Friendship Association in the Kiev, Ukraine and the Ukrainian National Committee “For Freedom of the Five Cuban Heroes” held a picket at the Embassy of the United States of America. In addition to traditional demands to end its economic blockade of Cuba and the release from U.S. prisons five Cuban anti-terrorists, they called for the extradition of "terrorist number 1 of the Western Hemisphere" Luis Posada Carriles, and an end to the occupation of Haiti under the guise of humanitarian aid. The rally participants expressed their outrage at the fact that at the end of last year, former President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko awarded an Order of honour to one of the leaders of the anti-Cuban mafia, Cuban-American Congressman Jose Diaz-Balart.
The s
peakers expressed satisfaction that in the processes of reviewing the cases of some members of the Cuban five, U.S. prosecutors actually admitted that they had not committed crimes against the security of the United States and that this case has attracted widespread international movement in defence of the convicted. But after this, even more galling is that the incredibly harsh sentences were reduced only symbolically, while in relation to the real terrorists, the American FED displays not only soft, but rather simply maternal care.
The following letter was handed into the United States Embassy:

Kiev, Ukraine, March 1, 2010

To the President of the United States of America

Dear Mr. Obama!

We, the representatives of Ukrainian public organizations that support the Cuban revolution and carrying out work aimed at strengthening friendship between the peoples of Cuba and Ukraine, will never share your illusions about the policy, which took place at the beginning of your presidency. We have always understood that even if you personally would like to change something in the policy of the United States, the political and business groups which have brought you to the authorities will not allow this. We are outraged that you have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as president of a country that over the last decades has been continuously pursuing an aggressive war, least of all deserves.
But we must admit that even for us, you are a huge disappointment. We are confident that you can not change the direction of U.S. policy, as you promised, but we did not think that your administration would carry out a growth of imperialist aggression. But it is a fact, proof of which we find not only in an increase of the occupation troops in Afghanistan, but in the open preparation for a war against Venezuela and Cuba. To prepare for this war, your government has gone to such blasphemy, as the use of tragedy in Haiti to turn this unfortunate country into a springboard for a future war.
The embargo against Cuba has not weakened, despite all your promises, even on the contrary, increased, as evidenced by the recent sanctions by the United States against the European firms trading with Cuba.
Your administration is not only carrying on an economic war against Cuba, but is trying to cause her as much as possible sensitive moral shocks. Particularly outrageous are the decisions of American courts to review the cases of the members of the Cuban Five, which could only be described as a pre-planned and well coordinated mockery. The judges did not even hide the fact that they are well aware that the charges were completely fabricated, and the sentences illegal. Gerardo Hernandez Nordero, Ramon Labañino Salazar, Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez, Fernando González and René González Sehverert did not commit any crimes against the United States, but only collected information about activities and plans of anti-Cuba terrorist organizations based in the United States. But instead of freeing the heroes and being grateful to them for their assistance to the U.S. government in the fight against international terrorism, the judge reduced their sentences by a ridiculously short time, cynically demonstrating that they do not care whether the crimes are against the United States or not. In any case, they will remain in prison because the anti-Cuban Miami mafia wants this, against whom the Cuban five fought. To enhance the effect of moral shock, namely at this time a large-scale show was arranged with an actual justification of "Number 1 terrorist of the Western Hemisphere " Luis Carriles.
Your government not only refuses to extradite this criminal to a legal trial in the countries where he committed many massacres, but is also doing everything possible to thwart even that infamous kangaroo court, which was designed to present the large-scale international terrorist as a prime violator of immigration legislation.
We demand:
1. Withdraw American troops from Haiti.
2. Termination of the embargo against Cuba.
3. Elimination of the old and ending the deployment of new military bases around Venezuela.
4. Release of five Cuban patriots and fighters against international terrorism.
5. Extradition of international criminal Luis Carriles for a fair trial.

Ukrainian National Committee “For Freedom of the Five Cuban Heroes”

Members of the KFA (Korean Friendship Association), JISGE (Juche Idea Study Group of England) and For Bolshevism-AUCPB (All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks) held a picket of the US Embassy at Grosvenor

Sq London on the 15th of March 2010. KFA members attended along with members of other organisations.
Speeches were made and statements were read out of the Korean Committee For Solidarity with the World People and the AINDF. The anthem of the DPRK was played as was "No Motherland Without You" and "The Song of General Kim Il Sung".A statement of KCNA criticising the US human rights record was also read out. We held also held a picket of the South Korean puppet embassy on the same day which was succesful.. Flags of the DPRK was displayed at the picket as well the communist red flag of the For Bolshevism-AUCPB group that supports the Russia-based All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks. The music "Song of General Kim Il Sung","No Motherland Without You" and "National Anthem of the DPRK " were played. The protesters shouted "Korea is One" and "Long live the DPRK” “USA- out of Korea’ and many others. Statements of the AINDF,Korean Committee For Solidarity with the Korean People and were read out. In one speech it stated that south Korea is a neo colonial puppet regime that does not represent the Korean people. The Korean puppet regime was denounced for the atrocity at Ryongsan.A statement praising the socialist system of the DPRK and exposing the anti popular nature of the south Korean puppet regime was read out. Passers by and office workers stopped to listen.
Many thanks to all those comrades who supported us on the day.


The Korean Friendship Association (KFA) was founded in November 2000 with the purpose of building international ties with the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. It has several thousand members from 120 different countries.

The KFA has full recognition from the government of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and is the world-wide leading organisation of its supporters.

The KFA receives official information from Pyongyang and is in contact with the Korean Committee For Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and the Korean Committee For Solidarity with the World People.
The Main Objectives of the KFA are:

Show the reality of the DPR Korea to the world

Defend the independence and socialist construction in the DPR Korea

Learn from the culture and history of the Korean People

Work for the peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula

Comrade Kim Jong Il leader of the Korean people said

our Republic has been established and developed as a genuine country of the people, as a Juche-oriented socialist country, the first of its kind in history, and our people, who were oppressed and maltreated for centuries, have become able to enjoy, in the embrace of the Republic, the pride and happiness of a genuine life in which they exercise full rights as masters of the State and society.....

Our Republic, which incorporates the great Juche idea in its State building and State activities, is a people-centered socialist country in which the people are regarded as God, an independent socialist State with a strong Juche character and national identity, and an invincible socialist power that prevails over any enemy, however formidable”





т.етское общество добилось того, что оно уже осуществило в основном социализм, создала социалисический строй_________Supporters of the AUCPB (All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks) can visit the FOR BOLSHEVISM-AUCPB website at

Join the online supporters group / discussion forum For BolshevismAUCPB by e-mail at 
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FIGHTING FUND – Comrades and Supporters of the AUCPB and Subscribers to "FOR BOLSHEVISM INSIDE THE COMMUNIST AND WORKERS' MOVEMENT" and other material of the AUCPB, please make a donation towards the further publication of AUCPB material translated into English from Russian by sending donations to our fighting fund account "FOR SOLIDARITY WITH WORKERS OF THE EX-USSR" sort code 30-93-60,  Account Number: 02312361 (Lloyds TSB).

Many thanks to all our comrades and supporters for their material support!

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