Causes World War I review Task

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Causes World War I Review
Task: This review will get us back into thinking about the causes of the war. You can either answer these questions independently or with a partner. Be sure to use ALL of your learning activities you completed so far to help you answer these questions:

  1. What are the “MAIN” causes of World War I? List all four.

M =

A =

I =

N =

  1. Militarism is when a country builds up its army. List two ways a country can build up its army.

  1. _____________________________________________________________________________

  1. ____________________________________________________________________________

  1. Why might a country decide to practice imperialism?

  1. A friendship between one or more countries is also known as an ________________________.

  1. _________________________ is having extreme pride in your country.

  1. The assassination of Archduke ________________________ __________________________ was what first started the war in Europe.

  1. Is this statement true or false… “The United States stayed out of World War I until events started happening that drew us into the conflict.” TRUE / FALSE

  1. A German U-boat was a _________________________________________.

  1. What was the name of the British passenger ship that Germany torpedoed with its U-boats?


10. Why did the United States become angry over the sinking of the Lusitania?

11. The _______________________________________ Telegram was sent from Germany to


12.) Explain why the United States became outraged over the Zimmerman Telegram:

13.) Place the following events in correct chronological order in the chart below:

  1. United States declares war on Germany

  2. Lusitania Sunk

  3. Archduke of Austria-Hungary assassinated

  4. World War I begins

First, this happened:

Next, this happened:

Then, this happened:

Lastly, this happened:

14.) In summary, these are the two events triggered by Germany that eventually drew the United States into World War I:

15.) When World War I broke out in Europe after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the United States wanted to stay out of the conflict. What is it called when a country tries to follow a policy where they do NOT get involved in the business of other countries? (Look back at your word of the day before we went on break.)

It’s called: ____________________________________________________________

16.) List one fact your learned about World War I that you didn’t know before:

Answer key:

  1. Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism

  2. Adding more soldiers to its military, building more weapons

  3. To gain more land

  4. Alliance

  5. Nationalism

  6. Franz Ferdinand

  7. True

  8. Submarine

  9. Lusitania

  10. There were American passengers that were on the ship.

  11. Zimmerman, Mexico

  12. Germany offered Mexico American land.

  13. C, D, B, A

  14. Unrestricted submarine warfare, Zimmerman telegram

  15. Neutrality

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