Causes of World War 1 Directions: Using evidence from your reading

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Kruger Telegram

Narrative: The Kruger Telegram was sent by Kaiser Wilhelm on the 6th January 1896 to Paul Kruger in praise of his actions during the Jameson Raid in the Boer War. Kruger was the President of South Africa at the time. This was admired by the German press. The Jameson Raid involved British troops and South African troops. The British troops were outgunned and outnumbered, thus having to surrender to the South African Republic. The British troops were arrested

Analysis: The Kaiser’s actions depreciated relations between Germany and Britain even further, firmly establishing an opposition between the two nations. This destroyed the chances of Germany’s desire for Britain to join the Triple Alliance. The public’s opinion of Germany was similar to the political relations. Germans (specifically German sailors) and German shops were under attack within London.


1. “I express to you my sincere congratulations that you and your people, without appealing to the help of friendly powers, have succeeded, by your own energetic action against the armed bands which invaded your country as disturbers of the peace and in maintaining the independence of the country against attack from without”Kruger Telegram

2. “England will concede nothing to menaces and will not lie down under insult” –The Times

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