Causes of the Great Depression

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D2.His.4.9-12. Analyze complex and interacting

factors that influenced the perspectives of people during different historical eras.

D2.His.7.9-12. Explain how the perspectives of people in the present shape interpretations of the past.

D2.His.8.9-12. Analyze how current interpretations of the past are limited by the extent to which available historical sources represent perspectives of people at the time.

D2.His.11.9-12. Critique the usefulness of historical sources for a specific historical

inquiry based on their maker, date, place of origin, intended audience, and purpose.

D2.His.12.9-12. Use questions generated about

multiple historical sources to pursue further inquiry and investigate additional sources.

  • NCSS Theme Addressed:

# 3—People, Places and Environments

#5—Individuals, Groups, and Institutions

#10—Civic Ideals and Practices

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