Causes of the Great Depression

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Extending & Refining II

(Independent practice)

This allows them to take responsibility for their own learning and allows them to work at their different paces. This also provides them with a chance to gain some self-confidence through doing it all on their own and finding out the information for themselves.


(Student-driven, teacher directed close to lesson)

  • They will continue to work on BlendSpace and will finish it for homework. If most of them are at a point where it might be impossible to finish for homework, we may have time in class the next day or they can come during Smart Lunch.

This whole lesson is based on them working at their own pace and learning for themselves through the guiding in BlendSpace.


Formative Assessments

  • I will be going around and observing. If I need to guide a student then I can and most importantly I will be able to make sure that they are ready to do it on their own. They have assignments that also guide them and build them up through baby steps.

Summative assessment

  • The blendspace has two quizzes. The site gives me statistics and allows me to see if there was a particular concept or question my students are struggling with or if a particular student is struggling. It also provides a summative statement for each individual student (whether or not they have learned the material) and the class as a whole.

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