Causes of the Great Depression

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Lesson Name “Causes of the Great Depression” (Unit #5 Roles and Reputations in the 20th Century)

Ms. Williams

American History II

Learning Target Objective(s)

Instructional Materials & Resources

Lesson Essential Question

  • Why did the United States have such a massive depression in the 1930’s?

Plan of Instruction


Description of Activities/Setting

Purpose (Rationale)


(Prior Knowledge & Content)

Students will present their research on the 1920’s. Each group will have 5-8 minutes for their presentation. Each student is expected to take notes on each presentation.

This will refresh them on what happened in the decade leading to the Great Depression and will allow for a smooth transition into its causes. It will also allow them to teach each other what they have learned and solidify their own knowledge.

Acquisition / Teacher Input

(Establish objectives, set learning parameters)

After the presentations we will get out the chromebooks (provided by the media center) and will get on BlendSpace. During this time I will provide an explanation of how to use BlendSpace and what is expected of them.

This will ensure that the students can do assignments and research by themselves and allows them work at their own pace both at school and home for homework.

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