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Read the questions and go to the website to find the correct answer. Write the answer in the blank provided.

Define the following terms:

Underlying cause-

Immediate cause-

Why was slavery used in the United States?

What was a Cotton Gin and what effect did it have on slavery in the South?

As our nation expanded during the 1800s the issue of expanding or limiting slavery in the United States was a key issue. Explain how each of the Compromises listed dealt with the issue of slavery.

o Missouri Compromise 1820-

o Compromise of 1850-

o The Kansas-Nebraska Act, 1854-

What effect did the Dred Scott Supreme Court case have on Dred Scott’s freedom and on the

Missouri Compromise?

What is an Abolitionist?

Who was William Lloyd Garrison and what was his newspaper about?

What was the purpose of the Underground Railroad?

What contribution did Harriet Tubman make to the Abolitionist movement and how much

would be paid for her capture?

What was the new political party that was formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on June 17,

1856 and what political goals were stated in their platform?

Who said, "So you're the little woman who wrote the book that started this Great War!”

Who is the little woman?-

What is the name of the book and how could it be blamed for a war?

Who was John Brown and what did he do on October 16th 1859?

What happened to John Brown?

Presidential elections can have a great effect on our nation.

What party and person won the election of 1860?-

What was the South’s response to the election?-

What was the immediate cause of the Civil War?

Define the following terms:



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