Causes of the Civil War Code Activity

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Causes of the Civil War Code Activity

Station 1:

a. According to the narrator, what were the true causes of the Civil War?

- economics of slavery and the issue of political control

- states’ rates and the ability to abolish federal laws they did not support

- expansion of slavery to the West

- rise of the Republican Party and election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860

b. What action by the South led directly to the start of the Civil War?

- the secession of the South

Station #2

a. What was the “Great Compromise” from the Compromise of 1850?

b. What did it basically allow Southerners to do to any black person, whether they be in the North or South?

c. How many additional slaves did this “compromise” lead to the South getting?

d. Write 3 words that would express your opinion about this “compromise” if you were an abolitionist.

Station #3

View the following video about a book called Uncle Tom’s Cabin and then answer the questions that follow.

a. When was the book published?

- 1852

b. Who was the author?

- Harriet Beecher Stowe

c. What problem did the publisher of the book have?

- Could not print enough copies to keep up with the demand.

d. Why was the book so successful? What did it get its readers to do regarding the issue of slavery?

- look at slavery from the perspective of the slaves

e. Finish this sentence:

The author “tapped into” the ______________ of her readers to get them to care about

the issue of slavery.

- emotions

Station #4

8. Use the following video to answer the following questions.

a. Who was Dred Scott?

b. Why was he suing someone in court?

c. What did the Supreme Court decide about slavery and Congress?

d. What did the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court say about blacks and their rights?

e. What did this potentially mean that slavery could do in this country?

Station #5:

Use the following video to answer the following questions.

a. Who is John Brown?

b. What is his goal?

c. What does he believe about himself?

d. What are some words that could be used to describe John Brown?

e. What does he attack in modern-day West Virginia? Why?

f. What must happen in order for his plan to work? Does it happened?

g. What happens to Brown?

h. How is he viewed in the North and in the South?

Station #6

Use the following video to answer the following questions.

a. How did the South respond to Lincoln’s election? Why?

Station #7:

Use the following website to complete the following graphic organizer about the causes of the Civil War.

Station #8: log-in page

1. One student should sign-in to the account.

2. Complete the “Reading Challenges” for Chapters 19 and 20.

3. Use the following video to answer the questions that follow.

- You may need to confirm your station. Pick the Philadelphia station.

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