Causes of the American Revolutionary War study guide

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Causes of the American Revolutionary War study guide

  1. List the ways the Navigation Acts limited colonial trade:

  1. ____________________________________________

  2. ____________________________________________

  3. ____________________________________________

  4. ____________________________________________

  1. This Indian confederacy leader finally surrendered in 1766. Name him:

  1. List any three of the “impacts” of the French and Indian War:

  1. ____________________________________________

  2. ____________________________________________

  3. ____________________________________________

  1. Who was the British Secretary of State who put the British economy on “shaky ground” during the French and Indian War?

  1. What is a “direct tax”?

  1. What is an “indirect tax”?

  1. This British Prime Minister urged the passing of the Sugar Act.

  1. What was the Sugar Act designed to do?

  1. What Act was passed by the Parliament on March 22, 1765?

  1. What types of transactions did the Stamp Act require taxes to be paid on?

  1. What organization brought together several groups opposed to the Stamp Act?

  1. One of the founding members of this group, he once said in a speech, “as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

  1. Delegates from nine colonies met in October, 1765, in this organization.

  1. This was a communications network of those opposed to British colonies.

  1. After the repeal of the Stamp Act, the British passed this as a “face saving” gesture.

  1. These indirect taxes replaced the Stamp Act.

  1. These allowed customs officials to search for contraband without a warrant.

  1. This man led much of the opposition against British mercantile policies; he was struck by lighting in 1783.

  1. The Boston Massacre happened on this date.

  1. This Black person was one of those killed in the Boston Massacre.

  1. This future Patriot leader defended British soldiers accused in the Boston Massacre.

  1. The Boston Tea Party happened on this date.

  1. Giving a monopoly on the sale of tea to this company was one of the causes of the Boston Tea Party.

  1. After the loss of the tea, Britain passed this series of acts to punish Massachusetts.

  1. This act suspended the Massachusetts colonial legislature until the tea was paid for.

  1. This act moved the southern boundary of a Canadian province to the Ohio River.

  1. In this sort of system, military authority takes the place of civilian justice.

  1. The First Continental Congress met in this building.

  1. Why did the First Continental Congress meet?

  1. What British General was the military governor of Massachusetts?

  1. This Boston silversmith was one of the Patriots who warned the minutemen at Lexington and Concord.

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