Cause and Effect for Mary McLeod Bethune

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Cause and Effect for Mary McLeod Bethune

*You can use the cause and effect chart from the reading handbook. You can modify for lower ability students by filling in the effects/causes and having them fill in the other side.



Page 7

There was too much work to be done on the farm.

Only Mary went to school.

Page 9

She was a good student and received a scholarship.

Mary went to Scotia Seminary.

Page 12

Her family couldn’t afford the train fare.

No one from her family attended her graduation.

Page 12

Mary believed in Christian religion and wants others to believe in it, too.

She went to Moody Bible Institute.

Page 15

She couldn’t find an opening for a black missionary in Africa.

She returns home and helps Miss Wilson at Mayesville School.

Page 18

A new railroad was being built in Daytona Beach. There were no schools there.

She decides to open a school in Daytona Beach.

Page 24

One of Mary’s students was ill. They went to the nearest white hospital and student was put on the porch

Mary decides to start a hospital.

Page 28

Mary was asked by FDR to work with National Youth Admin.

She moves to Washington, D.C.


Mary was sick more often and was becoming very weak.

She returns to her home on Bethune-Cookman campus.


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