Cauldron: Battle for Gazala

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The various British minefield hexes on the map are considered fortified boxes. They are minefields per 14.0 normally, except any British unit occupying a fortified box may ignore any retreat result (whether a defender retreat or an attacker retreat). Any retreating British unit outside a fortified box must continue its retreat normally; its retreat is not cancelled by moving into or through a friendly controlled fortified box.

Fortified boxes may not be destroyed during the course of the game.

German units never derive any benefit if occupying a fortified box.


If the airfield in hex 0709 is occupied by any Axis unit, the UK player loses one support fire marker out of each subsequent turn’s allotment that airfield hex is occupied.

NOTE: The British player does not lose any support fire markers if the Bir El Gubi airfield (2707) or El Adem airfield (1510) is occupied by any Axis unit. The occupation of those airfields by any player has no effect.


Movement across escarpment hexsides is prohibited except via trail or road; however, movement within any escarpment hex is unaffected, and is considered to be desert terrain.

No units may attack across any escarpment hexside, except via trail or road in which case, combat is resolved using the escarpment terrain type on the Combat Results Table.


During the first game turn, no Allied unit may move during the movement phase or the mobile movement phase, unless adjacent to an Axis unit. After the first game turn, all units may be moved normally.


The German player wins the game if he can, at any time (even if only momentarily), demonstrate a path of uninterrupted hexes (neither occupied by enemy units nor within any enemy unit’s ZOC) from Tobruk (0608) to either of the two German supply symbol hexes on the west edge of the map.

NOTE: the path of hexes may not cross any minefield hexside unless both hexes astride it are occupied by Axis units.

The British player wins the game if, as of the end of the last game turn, he can demonstrate a path of uninterrupted hexes (neither occupied by enemy units, nor within any enemy unit’s ZOC) from Tobruk (0608) to the UK supply symbol hex (1201) on the east edge of the map.

If neither side is able to achieve its victory conditions the game is a draw.

If either player has lost twice as many or more units (eliminated) than the other as of the end of the last game turn, the victory condition is downgraded. That is, if he has won the game per the above paragraph, his victory is downgraded to a draw. Or, if the game ended as a draw, that draw is downgraded to a defeat.


Cauldron has one historic scenario of the German attempt to capture the vital port of Tobruk in Libya, and the British defense of Cyrenaica.

Set-up the following units in the hexes indicated below. The map is printed with the set-up locations of each starting unit included in the game. The set-up locations have no other impact on play.

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