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CATHOLIC MEALS AND DINING This web site provides “Catholic” recipes for celebrating the feasts, saints days and seasons of the liturgical year. You can also submit your favorite “Catholic” recipes to this web site. Fr. Leo Patalinghug, a priest of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, is the host and founder of Grace Before Meals, an apostolate to strengthen families and communities around the dinner table. Grace Before Meals is a movement to bring families back to the dinner table - away from work, school, TV, games, and the many other things we get caught up in - to share a delicious meal together, communicate and love one another and be nourished. How? With easy lessons, tasty recipes and reasons to come together and share in the love that only a family or friend can provide. Grace Before Meals is centered on one fundamental concept: the simple act of creating and sharing a meal can strengthen all kinds of relationships. Family mealtimes support happy families. Experts everywhere agree: Sharing meals helps cement family relationships, no matter how you define "family." In study after study, the beneficial impact of family mealtime has been demonstrated for children of all ages. This web site offers family mealtime suggestions for making meals fun for the family along with recipes, complete meal ideas, pantry planning and grocery list tools to make mealtime planning easier for you.

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