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CATHOLIC FORMATION AND EDUCATION is a web based apostolate intended to equip Catholics with information to help them build a Christlike character, so that they can engage and transform the culture with the truth of the Gospel transmitted to us by the Church. It aims to form an online Catholic community committed to evangelize the social world by building up the Kingdom of Christ through their Families, Parishes, Dioceses, and general communities. To foster this commitment promotes interaction among Catholics worldwide through information sharing and online interactive tools. Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation, established in 2003, is a non-profit national organization committed to providing Catholics with the opportunity to connect with their Catholic beliefs and celebrate their faith which is lived out in parish communities every day. Salt + Light offers 100% Catholic content through a diverse range of multi-media tools, including television production, digital television and satellite distribution and the internet., an international Catholic charity under the guidance of the Holy Father to help suffering and persecuted faithful worldwide. Today, they reach out to assist people in need in over 145 countries. Each year, they fulfill more than 5,000 projects through their spiritual and material aid programs. Their goal is to help strengthen the Church and keep the faith alive. Catholic Digest is America's most popular Catholic magazine. Since 1936, Catholic Digest has used the stories of real people to demonstrate that a life guided by faith can be exciting, challenging, enlivening, and joyous. Each issue contains meaningful ways to connect faith with everyday life; stories that inform, inspire, and entertain; tips for strengthening family ties and friendships; plus recipes, jokes, puzzles, and more. This web site contains many of the resources and information that can be found in Catholic Digest. This website is an online resource library for Catholic faith and culture. It features the latest articles from outstanding writers, authors, and journalists around the globe. At last count, there are 5,677 articles to choose from on a variety of different topics related to Catholic belief and teaching. This web site developed by Sacred Heart Media offers daily Mass readings, reflections, news, commentary, a Catechism study, links, tools, and more. specializes in delivering high-quality Catholic content that a broad audience will enjoy. Much of this content comes in the form of links to third-party sources. This web site seeks to provide inspiring, high-quality, faith-based content that delivers timely, relevant and practical tools to help Catholics understand and more fully and effectively practice their faith in their daily lives. It seeks to reach people who may be influenced by the powerful forces of the secular culture yet who inwardly desire a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith and a more authentic relationship with Christ. It also seeks to provide faithful Catholic commentary on the passing cultural scene that educates and inspires the public. This web site seeks to give faithful Catholics the information, encouragement, and perspective they need to become an active force for renewal in the Church and in society, working to shape an authentically Christian culture in a secular world. It seeks to accomplish this by making available on-line news, commentary, spiritual resources, and practical suggestions in conformity with the mind of the Church.

This information is meant to help Catholics cope with the full range of spiritual, moral, political, social, cultural, and ecclesiastical challenges with which sincere Catholics must daily contend in every aspect of their lives—including the family, the inner life of the Church, education, the workplace, public policy, and the interplay between faith and culture. This web site has been put together by Fr. James McIlhone, a priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago. This web site offers an in depth study, a PowerPoint presentation, and discussion questions about the Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of Luke. In light of the fact that this year the Archdiocese of Chicago is focusing on the year of Sunday Mass, this web site also offers an in-depth look at the scriptural background of the Mass. NETWORK is a national movement of people who are challenged by the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching. They educate, organize and lobby for economic and social transformation. They seek to act for justice and peace in solidarity with the global community. They invite the participation of people from all sectors of our society and place the needs and voices of people living in poverty at the center of decision making. Relevant Radio exists to assist the Church in the New Evangelization by providing relevant programming through media platforms to help people bridge the gap between faith and everyday life. Relevant Radio® is “Talk Radio for Catholic Life”, broadcasting 24/7 on 33 stations in 12 states and across the world over the internet. Relevant Radio owns and operates 12 stations and produces 50 hours of original programming each week. Tune in and listen now at 950AM. This website contains a wide variety of resource materials, mostly related to biblical and liturgical studies, intended for scholars, teachers, students, pastors, believers, seekers, and others. If you want to broaden your understanding of the Bible and of the Mass, this is a good site to access. The Catholic Education Resource Center seeks to serve and promote the faith through education. This web site seeks to make freely available and easily accessible well written Catholic articles on everything from social justice issues to history and religion, from sexuality to literature and politics, from the environment to parenting and the latest trends in education. This web site is a rich resource of scripture readings, meditations, and scriptural-based teachings from the early church fathers and contemporary Christian writers. These resources are intended as an aid for daily prayer and meditation. There is a monthly selection of gospel passages which follow the daily gospel lectionary readings from the Roman Catholic Lectionary. There are also feature articles on scripture-based topics and the major Christian and Jewish feasts (such as Passover and Pentecost), as well as liturgical seasons (such as Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter). Lastly, there are meditation-based commentaries on the Four Gospels, the Parables of Jesus, and other books of the Bible (Exodus, Letter to the Hebrews). The Catholic Mass is a web site designed to help all people, whether Catholic or not, to better understand the different parts of the Mass. One has the option of looking at the different parts of the Mass through an audio presentation or a written presentation. There is a section entitled 101 questions about the Mass. One also has the option of purchasing a DVD which illustrates all the parts of the Mass along with an audio presentation. This web site is a product of Catholic New World, the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Chicago. This site is not meant to replicate or replace the print edition, only compliment it, providing the benefits of up-to-date information that is unique to the Web. Its mission, like its parent publication, is to be the key source of information about the church in Chicago. It provides news, analysis and commentary about the church at the world, national and local levels and about issues of concern to the Catholic community. It acts as an instrument of evangelization by providing current information and guidance in matters of faith, morals and spiritual life. This web site developed by a man who describes himself as a Catholic Thinker, a man who is a husband, father, physician, WWII history lecturer & Catholic convert seeks to explore using different media the mystical & intellectual brilliance of the Catholic faith. American Catholic is for Catholics, all Christians and seekers. Find Roman Catholic Saints, Minute Meditations, Catholic Church Questions and Catholic News. Post Prayer Requests and send Catholic e-cards. Discover Catholic Books, Catholic Audio Books, Catholic Videos, and a leading Catholic Magazine. Loyola Press is a Jesuit ministry serving the Catholic community in faith formation, education, and spiritual growth since its founding in 1912. They are committed to service by publishing resources that support children's faith formation and education and the ongoing spiritual growth of adults through books and resources on a wide variety of topics including prayer, Catholic life, history, and Ignatian spirituality. The site contains a link for a three minute retreat, a daily inspiration, and a Sunday connection. C21 Online (21st Century Online), a program of Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, offers non-credit online courses for adult spiritual enrichment and faith formation. With a focus on shared reflection in an online learning community, C21 Online models the kind of conversation and participation that lead to deeper understanding of and personal growth in faith. It represents an online community of believers on the internet, who are loyal to the Roman Catholic Church. Their mission is to build a sense of "community" on the internet by providing a warm friendly atmosphere for socializing, faith sharing and religious discussion as well as prayer. They also provide resources of Catholic information as well as links to some of the greatest Catholic websites on the internet.

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