Fighting Fit: Exploring Military Medicine (1850-1950)Fighting Fit: Exploring Military Medicine (1850-1950)
The military has always had an intimate relationship with medicine. Doctors and nurses play a vital role in preparing soldiers for battle and treating them in the field. This panel will examine the role that medicine has played in the armed forces
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Changing attitudes towards immigration in the 1920sChanging attitudes towards immigration in the 1920s
Give me your tired and poor people, the crowds of poor people who want a better life, the poor who live in your overcrowded cities
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Anti-Americanism: a regional Comparison Ashley MonzelAnti-Americanism: a regional Comparison Ashley Monzel
Us to evolve. These findings could have a profound impact on future policy makers in their efforts to improve foreign policy and better the us image and its relations with countries throughout the globe
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Complex irrigation systems legal codesComplex irrigation systems legal codes
Period 1 – Technological & Environmental Transformations, to 600 B. C. E., chapters 1-3 (5% of the apwh exam) Period 2 – Organization & Reorganization, 600 B. C. E. – 600 C. E., chapters 4-9
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0Learning Objectives0Learning Objectives
Analyze the constraints that both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis faced as the Civil War began and describe how they dealt with them in order to prosecute the war
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Anarchism: The Feminist Connection Peggy KorneggerAnarchism: The Feminist Connection Peggy Kornegger
Only recently did I discover that many of my disconnected political impulses and inclinations shared a common framework that is, the anarchist or libertarian tradition of thought. I was like suddenly seeing red after years of colourblind
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I want to thank Professor Howell for her support and patience. Almost midway through my project when I was completely lost she told me to have faith and push on. Hesitantly I did and, as per usual, she was right
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A history of public debt in AustraliaA history of public debt in Australia
Levels of public sector borrowing fluctuate in line with the economic cycle and the budget position. This paper briefly describes the various measures of debt and trends in government borrowing
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Battles & Major Events of the Civil War (1861 – 1865) DirectionsBattles & Major Events of the Civil War (1861 – 1865) Directions
Name key period
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The oscholarsThe oscholars
Oscar Wilde, a parnellite Home Ruler and Gladstonian Liberal: Wilde’s career at the Eighty Club (1887–1895)
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Paper One Causes of World War OnePaper One Causes of World War One
After the defeat of Napoleon in 1815 the British had a policy of ‘Splendid Isolation’
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Citizenship Education in Ukraine and Russia: Reconciling Nation-Building and Active CitizenshipCitizenship Education in Ukraine and Russia: Reconciling Nation-Building and Active Citizenship
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Guide to Campaign Finance and Campaign ReportingGuide to Campaign Finance and Campaign Reporting
There are significant differences that apply depending on if the communication is made by a candidate or campaign committee; coordinated with a candidate or party committee; or is produced and distributed independently
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The causes of the Great Depression 5 February 2013The causes of the Great Depression 5 February 2013
It was not just one factor, but instead a combination of domestic and worldwide conditions that led to the Great Depression. As such, there is no agreed upon list of all its causes
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