0Parallel Lecture 10Parallel Lecture 1
Although many Americans regard political parties with suspicion, they believe that parties are necessary for democratic governmen
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Mr. Madison’s WarMr. Madison’s War
Ocratic-Republicans for the successful acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase (1803). Federalists were upset because they realized that the land purchase arrangement would allow the agrarian West to grow stronger and thus dilute the political power of merchant
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Draft version onlyDraft version only
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Brief Summary of Chapter OneBrief Summary of Chapter One
Cuba, Hawaii, and the Philippines affected the workers and ecology of those locations and how demand for sugar in the northern world resulted in near slavery conditions for workers in Hawaii and especially Cuba and the Philippines
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Social reformerSocial reformer
New York, Florence Kelley was at the vanguard of several reform movements. For thirty-four years, after she helped to found it in 1899, she served as the head of the National Consumers' League (ncl)
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Migration, labour market restructuring and the role of civil society in global governanceMigration, labour market restructuring and the role of civil society in global governance
Unesco-most conference, norrköping, sweden, may 30-june 1, 2012Trade Unions and their Relationships with Migrant Workers
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Queer Theory Talk at Socialist Alternative (Melbourne) meeting 2004Queer Theory Talk at Socialist Alternative (Melbourne) meeting 2004
One advocate of queer avows that “there is nothing in particular to which it necessarily refers”, another happily describes it as “a largely intuitive and half-articulate theory.”
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Bretton Woods Conference (1944) Lay the foundations for modern international monetary systemBretton Woods Conference (1944) Lay the foundations for modern international monetary system
General Agreements of Tariff and Trade (gatt) sought to stimulate international trade by lowering tariffs and other trade restrictions
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Progressivism and World War IProgressivism and World War I
Era (1890s to World War I) was a reaction to the problems and excesses of industrialism, urbanization, and notions of Social Darwinism
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Economics: Working, Sharing, & BuyingEconomics: Working, Sharing, & Buying
All economies are shaped by local social relationships, cultures, and moralities. Post-socialist Russia is a particularly good example of these processes in motion
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Martha stone asherMartha stone asher
Few people are still around to remember, but in 1926, in passaic new jersey, 16 thousand woolworkers struck the mills after their meager wages had been cut. The strike lasted nearly a year. Supporters across the nation sent money and food
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Nine days in mayNine days in may
Government’s coal subsidy. The General Council of the tuc didn’t want to call the Strike: they were pushed into it for fear of workers taking action themselves without them
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