Why the bomb was needed or justifiedWhy the bomb was needed or justified
Pacific islands, committing mass suicide on Saipan and unleashing kamikaze attacks at Okinawa. Fire bombing had killed 100,000 in Tokyo with no discernible political effect. Only the atomic bomb could jolt Japan's leadership to surrender
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Sundara Kandam1Sundara Kandam1
Sri Lanka in search of Sita. On the way first the God of Ocean and Mainaka mountain respected him. Later the devas tested his capability by sending Surasa Devi to test him. After this Simhika dragged his shadow and tried to eat him
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Plutarch’s Lives of Noble GreciansPlutarch’s Lives of Noble Grecians
But that all were not pleased with this action they plainly showed when, Cinna beginning to speak and accuse Caesar, they broke out into a sudden rage, and railed at him in such language
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Outline PromptOutline Prompt
Prompt: Describe the effect the Hiroshima atom bomb had on female victims’ ability to perform their roles as mothers in the family
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The Decision to Use the BombThe Decision to Use the Bomb
Japan's surrender; there is perhaps even greater controversy concerning the moral principle involved in subjecting the two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to this weapon. This latter point is raised, but not answered
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Barbaric Destruction of a Great EmpireBarbaric Destruction of a Great Empire
They ravage, they slaughter, they seize by false pretenses, and all of this they hail as the construction of empire. And when in their wake nothing remains but a desert, they call that peace.”
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Boston Massacre American Revolution From: uci history Project, Nicole Gilbertson, 2014 History Standards: 1Boston Massacre American Revolution From: uci history Project, Nicole Gilbertson, 2014 History Standards: 1
Describe the relationship between the moral and political ideas of the Great Awakening and the development of revolutionary fervor
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Architectural and Utopian Projects. The Ideal City in Renaissance ItalyArchitectural and Utopian Projects. The Ideal City in Renaissance Italy
Vita Fortunati (University of Bologna) and Paola Spinozzi
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Disaster Definitions Please reference this document asDisaster Definitions Please reference this document as
Kelman, I. and S. Pooley (eds.). 2004. Disaster Definitions. Version 2, 24 July 2004 (Version 1 was 12 July 2004). Downloaded from
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Author: Andy HoweAuthor: Andy Howe
Katrina a collapse is unfitting. It may seem at first glance that Hurricane Katrina was a modern day collapse, but taking into consideration the efforts of the people, government, and knowledge of past disasters
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1. Describe law and order in London in the late nineteenth century1. Describe law and order in London in the late nineteenth century
I will examine the responsibilities of the police force, the methods of crime control and prevention, the modernisations within the force and the detection and forensic improvements within the force to gain a better understanding of law and order in London in the
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Author: John ConteAuthor: John Conte
Home Front during World War I but fail to tell the whole story of its impact. Just as American Doughboys were fearful death from an unseen artillery barrage or a poison gas attack
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The great fire of londonThe great fire of london
Farrinor went to bed, his house in Pudding Lane was in flames. Farrinor, along with his wife and daughter, and one servant, luckily escaped from the burning building through an upstairs window, but the baker's maid paid dearly for his
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Asleep in Wolf’s ClothingAsleep in Wolf’s Clothing
Look at this hat. The worst, right? You wouldn’t be caught dead in it, right? Whoops, maybe I shouldn’t say that, seeing as how where I find myself at this point in time
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