Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade dbq nameTrans-Atlantic Slave Trade dbq name
Directions: The following questions are based on the accompanying Documents 1 The documents have been edited for the purpose of the exercise. Write your answer on your own paper
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The Different Regions of the English ColoniesThe Different Regions of the English Colonies
The English colonies could be divided into the regions of North and South. The dividing line was the Mason-Dixon Line, named after the two surveyors who established the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland and Delaware
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Captured in the interior of WestCaptured in the interior of West
He traveled extensively by sea as a slave, and after his manumission, he continued as a seaman. After publishing an autobiographical account of his travels and speaking publicly against slavery and the slave trade
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Oladuah Equiano, The Life of Gustavus Vassa (1789)Oladuah Equiano, The Life of Gustavus Vassa (1789)
British slavers, who shipped him to Barbados and then took him to Virginia. After serving a British naval officer, he was sold to a Quaker merchant from Philadelphia who allowed him to purchase his freedom in 1766
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