Circulating (7 day loan)Circulating (7 day loan)
Abbott, P., Wallace, C. (Eds.) (1990). Sociology of the Caring Professions. New York: Falmer Press. Hv245. S65 1990
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The English Arrive in AmericaThe English Arrive in America
English settlers traveled to America seeking land and an escape from religious persecution. By the early 7700s, 13 colonies had been founded along the Atlantic coast of North America. The
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Montaigne – Of Fear January, 2008 Reading for This WeekMontaigne – Of Fear January, 2008 Reading for This Week
I leave aside the common herd, whom it causes to imagine now great-grandfathers issued from the tomb wrapped in their shrouds, now werewolves, goblins, and chimeras.” Cp p. 107L
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Title Knock LoglineTitle Knock Logline
Kuma Katok’s, a group of three hooded figures, knock on the door leads to the death of someone who is
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