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Darby shawhan. Darby was born in Ireland in 1673. Darby died in Kent County, Maryland, on April 3, 1736; he was 63. Occupation: Farmer
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Royal and aristocratic women in the middle agesRoyal and aristocratic women in the middle ages
While women generally did not fight in the wars, they could hire stand-ins, which process became formalized with the scutage fee, a monetary payment in lieu of forty days in arms for a lord
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A tale of ancient greeceA tale of ancient greece
Homer takes his audience on a moral journey, as Achilles comes face to face with his own humanity. This is perhaps the main reason the Iliad transcends the limits of time, place, and gender to speak to all human beings
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Gawain and the Lady RagnellGawain and the Lady Ragnell
This man was Sir Gromer, who declared that he was seeking revenge for the loss of some of his northern lands to Arthur. Since Arthur was unarmed, Sir Gromer showed the king mercy and gave him a chance to save his life
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\"beare and plant palisadoes\""beare and plant palisadoes"
Chesapeake Bay. Discovery of the exact location of the first fort indicates its site was in a secure place, where Spanish ships could not fire point blank into the fort. Within days of landing
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Polly young-eisendrath, ph. DPolly young-eisendrath, ph. D
A heavily rationalized womanizer, he seduced many women, but I doubt that he successfully psychoanalyzed any. A some-times brilliant theoretician, Lacan was also sexist and terribly arrogant
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Henry VIII, his life and his six wivesHenry VIII, his life and his six wives
Henry, their second son, was styled the Duke of York. He had his own servants and a fool named John Goose. He even had a whipping boy who was punished when Henry did something wrong. In 1509 Henry VII died of tuberculosis and his son became King
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Mary, Queen of Scots, and the Earl of Bothwell By Susannah DavisMary, Queen of Scots, and the Earl of Bothwell By Susannah Davis
The life of Mary, Queen of Scots has all the ingredients of a Hollywood thriller: a love triangle, treachery, rape and murder. Dr Saul David takes a closer look at the role of Mary's lover, the Earl of Bothwell
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Swbat define \"repetitive writing\" and \"wordy writing.\"Swbat define "repetitive writing" and "wordy writing."
The plane was one hour late nevertheless it arrived at its final destination on time
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