1776, by David McCulloch. New York: Simon & Schuster, 20051776, by David McCulloch. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2005
McCulloch has devoted his book, 1776, to the most decisive year in the American experience. Based upon extensive research culled from many archives, historical societies, and libraries on both sides of the Atlantic
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John and abigail adams : love and libertyJohn and abigail adams : love and liberty
Adamses through interviews with descendants, politicians
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These are the California Standards that will be covered in the unitThese are the California Standards that will be covered in the unit
Through the integration of visuals such as bulletin boards and game boards, as well as partaking in research and discussions the students will develop an integrated understanding of what this time period was like
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Luke Camperlengo ap world History ReviewLuke Camperlengo ap world History Review
Greek and Roman civilization. Through the age of Imperialism, the conquering Europeans spread the Greek and Roman ideology so deeply embedded in their own throughout the world
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All About AqueductsAll About Aqueducts
Roughly four of every five miles of Rome's aqueducts run underground, many in covered trenches. Trenches are used when the aqueduct follows the contours of the land
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Ap and Archetypes: Creating a Seasonal Syllabus by Tim GillespieAp and Archetypes: Creating a Seasonal Syllabus by Tim Gillespie
I center my ap english Literature curriculum in part around the ideas of Northrop Frye, whose seasonal scheme of literary archetypes communicates the wisdom that we need many kinds of stories to understand the human condition
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Histories of Developmental EducationHistories of Developmental Education
The second annually published independent monograph sponsored by The Center for Research on Developmental Education and Urban Literacy, General College, University of Minnesota
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For Immediate Release Media ContactFor Immediate Release Media Contact
The Day is a White Tablet (WiDo Publishing, Jan. 29, 2013)—which just went on sale. This historical novel was so important to the 88-year-old former dancer and military wife that it came to life in her mind over a 20-year period
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Amendments 1 (1791)Amendments 1 (1791)
Actual text: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press
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Professor Leinbach’s List of Southeast Asian NovelsProfessor Leinbach’s List of Southeast Asian Novels
Orwell, Burmese Days, Penguin. When Flory, a white timber merchant, befriends Indian Dr Veraswami, he defies the bigoted orthodoxy of the time. The doctor is in danger: u po Kyin, a corrupt magistrate, is plotting his downfall
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Blitzkrieg2, kept his enemies on the run. Adolf Hitler had very strong political and military strategies; however, his ego led to the mismanagement of military resources and eventually the downfall of Germany and the Nazi party during the waning days of World
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Key Players / BiosKey Players / Bios
Healthcare or Hillary-care? The Demise of the Clinton Administration’s Efforts to Reform the American Healthcare System
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A concise History of Animated Film (1)A concise History of Animated Film (1)
The earliest cinema animation was composed of frame-by-frame, hand-drawn images. When combined with movement, the illustrator's two-dimensional static art came alive and created pure and imaginative cinematic images animals and other inanimate objects could become
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