Understanding GoalUnderstanding Goal
Virginians prepared for war. Some free African Americans felt their limited rights could best be protected by supporting the Confederacy
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Connections italy to usa II philip MazzeiConnections italy to usa II philip Mazzei
Mazzei (Italian pronunciation: [matˈtsei], but sometimes erroneously cited with the name of Philip Mazzie; December 25, 1730 March 19, 1816) was an Italian physician
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Right to keep and bear armsRight to keep and bear arms
For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office Washington, D
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Speech to the Virginia ConventionSpeech to the Virginia Convention
Then, you will start by saying something like: Patrick Henry appeals to ethos by establishing his own credibility and by adding to his credibility by mentioning God very often in his speech
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Strand Reading — nonfiction solStrand Reading — nonfiction sol
Lesson Skill: Recognizing ambiguity, contradiction, paradox, irony, overstatement, understatement
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Speech to the Virginia Convention: Syntactical Seek and FindSpeech to the Virginia Convention: Syntactical Seek and Find
For each of the sentence types listed below, find an example from Henry’s Speech to the Virginia Convention and explain the effect of the structural choice
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