Department of English Course Offerings Autumn 2015Department of English Course Offerings Autumn 2015
Students will write three assignments, do weekly informal writing, and participate in small group and large group discussions. Required Texts: Making Sense: a real-World Rhetorical Reader, 3rd edition
167.46 Kb. 5
The Victorian Empire and Britain’s Maritime World, 1837-1901The Victorian Empire and Britain’s Maritime World, 1837-1901
British naval forces went into battle on c. 1,630 separate occasions in the period, and only c. 300 between 1815 and 19143 – there is nonetheless much that is unfamiliar and a great deal that is instructive about the relationship between the sea and the British
102.92 Kb. 1
I. colonialism and evangelismI. colonialism and evangelism
Those religions and cults that in some way attempt to dominate others have one common historical feature: they were born amidst violence, and sadly continue to use emotionally violent and physically violent means of converting others
146.9 Kb. 1
The Victorian Period 1832-1901The Victorian Period 1832-1901
Bill was passed. The Victorian Period was one of enormous changes. Britain became the leading industrial nation and the banker of the world
9 Kb. 1
Victorian Age PovertyVictorian Age Poverty
England during the Victorian era was not an ideal good life. Therefore, the thesis of this paper is that although the Industrial Revolution should have brought wealth and prosperity to the inner city of Great Britain
14.54 Kb. 1
In 1814, Charles Dickens' family moved to London and then to, where he received his formal education
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Women Figures in Caribbean and British Setting: Comparison of Two PeriodsWomen Figures in Caribbean and British Setting: Comparison of Two Periods
Development of Women’s Role in the British and Caribbean Societies from the 19th to the 20th Century: Similarities and Differences 77
263.46 Kb. 4
History medium term planHistory medium term plan
Pupils should be taught to recognise that the past is represented and interpreted in different ways, and to give reasons for this
105.73 Kb. 1
Subject: History Topic: Life in the Victorian Times Year: 6Subject: History Topic: Life in the Victorian Times Year: 6
Victorian period and focuses on: Victorian society, Children and Family Life. The topics covered within this unit include: An basic chronology of the Victorian era, Victorian schooling, Children at Work, The Victorian Workhouse
26.64 Kb. 1
Horace and the Construction of the English Victorian Gentleman 1Horace and the Construction of the English Victorian Gentleman 1
Fundamental here was the reception and construction of Horace as an honorary English gentleman who represented the values of the male and homosocial Victorian English elite : moderation, clubbability, leisured gentility, patriotism
79.09 Kb. 1
Nineteenth-Century British LiteratureNineteenth-Century British Literature
Using a combination of poetry and essay sources, discuss the evolution of aesthetic criticism and theory from the Romantics through the Aesthetic Movement near the end of the century
38.67 Kb. 1
Advanced Placement® English Literature and CompositionAdvanced Placement® English Literature and Composition
This course is designed to comply with the curricular requirements described in the ap english Course Description
53.12 Kb. 1

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