Law, Social Justice & Global DevelopmentLaw, Social Justice & Global Development
Citation: Paliwala, a ‘Irresolutions of Modernity, Law, Nation and Empire: a reading of Fitzpatrick’s Modernism and the Grounds of Law in Conjunction with Hardt and Negri’s Empire’, 2003 (1) Law
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From dictatorship to democracyFrom dictatorship to democracy
Gene Sharp, 1993. All rights reserved including translation rights. All requests should be addressed in writing to Gene Sharp, Albert Einstein Institution, 1430 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138, usa; fax
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Who did what: Larger Concepts 1, Chester Nimitz-Hiroshima Emma KrassWho did what: Larger Concepts 1, Chester Nimitz-Hiroshima Emma Krass
What were the war aims of Japan and Germany? How are these related to the events from 1920 to 1939 in Europe and Asia?
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Summary of \"In Defense of Prejudice.\"Summary of "In Defense of Prejudice."
In Defense of Prejudice" Jonathan Rauch claims that in it's attempt to protect minorities from "hate speech" society is restricting intellectual liberty and suggests that an approach allowing freedom of expression and debate of hateful notions will ultimately lead to
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Preserving error for appellate reviewPreserving error for appellate review
List issues for individual venire member and group discussions in jury selection?
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During the 60\During the 60's, four large social movements came together, the anti-Vietnam war peace movement, the environmental movement, the Black Civil Rights movement, and the Women's movement
America. It was a popular response to the assassination of President Kennedy, the awful human toll the war was taking on both sides, and the long overdue civil rights of African Americans and women. The American people were rising up
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