Post-singularity and primitive intelligencePost-singularity and primitive intelligence
The argument of post-singularity states that evolution can be hastened to advance towards a more desirable direction once it is released from its biological inhibitors. To hasten this process intelligence must be maximally pushed to its
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Higher stillHigher still
Section 5: Historians may interpret the motives of people in the past differently
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Free-Will versus Predetermination: Hollywood’s Portrayal of a Timeless QuestionFree-Will versus Predetermination: Hollywood’s Portrayal of a Timeless Question
Ever since man began to think and question, the problem, or paradox, of freewill versus predestination has always bothered humankind. Now, not only is this issue being discussed in philosophy books
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Draft version onlyDraft version only
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Joris Ivens and the Documentary ProjectJoris Ivens and the Documentary Project
He wanted to go back and beyond, and in fact, while doing this, he not only 'came back to his beginnings' but was indeed unveiling the roots and nature of the whole genre
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