Abstract AimAbstract Aim
Mathematical difficulties: Aspects of learner characteristics in developmental perspective
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Notes on pfeffer bookNotes on pfeffer book
Pfeffer, Jeffrey (1994). Managing with power: Politics and influence in organizations. Boston: Harvard Business School Press
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Standorte und Szenarien der zeitgenössischen feministischen Film- und tv-wissenschaftenStandorte und Szenarien der zeitgenössischen feministischen Film- und tv-wissenschaften
Together with a long-overdue inventory of feminist Film and tv studies here in Austria, the screenwise conference would like to raise questions along the axes of four main themes about the constitution and reflection of the subject in contemporary cinema and
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The Humanities and Human NatureThe Humanities and Human Nature
He explores to how the studies of language within the humanities can interact with the scientific study of language from psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics
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