SS5H1 the student will explain the causes, major events, and consequences of the Civil WarSS5H1 the student will explain the causes, major events, and consequences of the Civil War
A. Identify Uncle Tom’s Cabin and John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry, and explain how each of these events was related to the Civil War
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Emancipation ProclamationEmancipation Proclamation
When historians discovered that the radicals had no such strength in the party or out among voters, a new theory arose to rob Lincoln of the credit for taking a leadership role in emancipation.”1
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Prof. Osborne History 204: Historical MethodologyProf. Osborne History 204: Historical Methodology
Military Assignments in the ‘Uniontown Volunteers’ of the Eleventh Pennsylvania Reserves During the American Civil War
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“To the Susquehanna Boys!”“To the Susquehanna Boys!”
What are you doing to repel the enemy? The apathy which exists in our midst must be shaken off at once, or all will be lost. Let every man do his duty in the present terrible crisis
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Document: Cuthbert Bullitt to Abraham Lincoln, September 17, 1864Document: Cuthbert Bullitt to Abraham Lincoln, September 17, 1864
I beg Respectfully to Call your attention to a copy of a letter & report from j randall Terry City Register1 in regard to the recent vote polled by the employées of the Custom House under the immediate control of the Collector g s denison
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September 16 18, 1862September 16 18, 1862
Meanwhile, towards the center of the battlefield, Union assaults against the Sunken Road would pierce the Confederate center after a terrible struggle for this key defensive position
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Battle of GettysburgBattle of Gettysburg
Cemetery Ridge. The assault, known as “Pickett’s Charge,” managed to pierce the Union lines but eventually failed, at the cost of thousands of rebel casualties, and Lee was forced to withdraw his battered army toward Virginia on July 4
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Protective Tariff a tax on imported goodsProtective Tariff a tax on imported goods
Fort Sumter- a federal military fort in Charleston, South Carolina that was attacked by the Confederates in April 1861, sparking the Civil War
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Experts #1 The Battle of GettysburgExperts #1 The Battle of Gettysburg
Pennsylvania. This battle was one of the most important battles of the Civil War for the North. Robert E. Lee had invaded the North and was trying to defeat the Union Army once and for all. However
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Chapter 21—The Furnace of Civil War, 1861-1865 short answerChapter 21—The Furnace of Civil War, 1861-1865 short answer
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Chapter 14: The Civil War The Secession CrisisChapter 14: The Civil War The Secession Crisis
In February 1861, representatives of the seven seceded states met at Montgomery, Alabama, and formed the Confederate States of America
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Effects of the WarEffects of the War
The death of 618. 000 men left many women bereft of husbands and either encouraged of forced them to seek roles other than those of wife and mother
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The American Civil War identities secessionThe American Civil War identities secession
Richmond, Virginia. The Union was thus divided approximately on geographic lines. Twenty-one northern and border states retained the style and title of the United States
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Battle of Atlanta By Mary Lynn BushongBattle of Atlanta By Mary Lynn Bushong
After the Confederate loss at Chattanooga, General Grant moved to lead the eastern Union troops. General William T. Sherman stayed in the west to lead the Union army there. His chief adversary was General Joe Johnston
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The Fall of AtlantaThe Fall of Atlanta
Charleston to the East. It was also a symbol of Confederate pride and strength, and its fall made even the most loyal Southerners doubt that they could win the war
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