Natsso I: Presumptuous Numbering Playoff Round 1 Packet by Stephen WebbNatsso I: Presumptuous Numbering Playoff Round 1 Packet by Stephen Webb
Lord’s Prayer and the last stanza. For ten points, name this T. S. Eliot poem describing the indifference of men, ending with the line “This is how the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper.”
67.5 Kb. 1
African American Soldiers In The Civil WarAfrican American Soldiers In The Civil War
African American Troops in the Civil War as well as detail the experiences of Black soldiers. Students will recognize that African American military experience reflected the larger experience of African Americans in the United States in
50.34 Kb. 1
Finding black civil war soldiers on the internetFinding black civil war soldiers on the internet
This set of links supplements “Finding Civil War Soldiers on the Internet” which contains over 1,000 links. Consult that set in addition to this one
215.41 Kb. 1
Bombardment of fort sumterBombardment of fort sumter
Galloway and another injured crewman were sent to the hospital in Charleston where Galloway died. The other crewman successfully recovered and was sent North later without exchange. The bombardment of Fort Sumter was the first military action of the American
148.13 Kb. 1
Mr. Silva us history pMr. Silva us history p
Buford was looking for. When Reynolds men move into position a lucky shot gets Reynolds and he dies. The attack continues without the Commander and Buford moves out to scout out the other hills and make sure they won’t be flanked by the
19.12 Kb. 1

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