Authentic Illustrated Biographies of the Twenty Four TirthankarsAuthentic Illustrated Biographies of the Twenty Four Tirthankars
It has thousands of names like Paramatma (the ultimate soul), Bhagavan (the most glorious one), Siddha (the liberated), Buddha (the enlightened), The God, etc
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The ideal of dharma ¼/keZ½ or justice in indian culture dr R. N. SharmaThe ideal of dharma ¼/keZ½ or justice in indian culture dr R. N. Sharma
The mystery of Justice cannot be unraveled by human reason, logic or language completely. It has greater appeal to human soul. Justice as reality is only fully reflected in our conscience and felt through our intuition
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Parent-Child Engagement, a co-Regulation ProcessParent-Child Engagement, a co-Regulation Process
The baby feels what the mother is feeling, so if the mother is nurtured and emotionally secure during the pregnancy it augurs well for her unborn child. At this stage the role of the father is to be both nurturing and protective towards his partner and
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Adult Attachment running head: Adult AttachmentAdult Attachment running head: Adult Attachment
Its place in evolutionary theory is discussed as well as its similarities with Bowlby’s theory of infant-caregiver attachment. Major models of adult attachment categories and ways in which they are measured are examined as well
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The new immigrantThe new immigrant
Germans (6% of total population-150,000-by 1775) and Scots-Irish (7% of population-175,000-by 1775). About 5% of the population were other European groups-French, Dutch, Welsh, Swedes, Jews, Irish, Swiss
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