Summer Reading ListSummer Reading List
Vels are indicated for most books, and they address vocabulary and sentence structure. When vocabulary is repeated often and sentences are more simply written, a text has a lower Lexile scores
40.92 Kb. 1
Ap curriculum stresses a large degree of higher order thinking skills within a rigorous academic context. Thus, the student will be required frequently to analyze, synthesize
109.41 Kb. 1
Watching historically accurate moviesWatching historically accurate movies
One way is that the background may be enough to interest the viewer into further study (e g. Dances with Wolves), but is depicted as a fictional story
170.22 Kb. 2
Asian & Asian American Multicultural LiteratureAsian & Asian American Multicultural Literature
It is important for students to understand both the history of the culture and modern representations of Chinese and Japanese Americans
40.89 Kb. 1
Kirby\Kirby's Reading Lists (so far!) American Authors and Works Colonial Period- nonfiction
William Byrd- histories of the Dividing Line Betwixt Virginia: and North Carolina
78.84 Kb. 1
Narratives, Biographies, and Essays Achebe, Chinua Things Fall ApartNarratives, Biographies, and Essays Achebe, Chinua Things Fall Apart
Okonkwo, a proud village leader, is driven to murder and suicide by European changes to his traditional Ibo society
179.93 Kb. 1

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