The African-American Struggle for Civil RightsThe African-American Struggle for Civil Rights
This theme explores the struggle of African-Americans to obtain social and political equality in the United States
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PinkMonkey® Literature Notes onPinkMonkey® Literature Notes on
Note: this sample contains only excerpts and does not represent the full contents of the booknote. This will give you an idea of the format and content
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Women in the french revolution introduction to the french revolutionWomen in the french revolution introduction to the french revolution
No police protection was available, and too many men were trying to take over their time-honored work. Looking at the economic contributions of women at this time, will be helpful to ascertain the hardships and concerns women endured
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The antecedents of this dissertationThe antecedents of this dissertation
While studying the transformation of film history writings in Britain the Seventies came into the focus of my attention since it was the decade which brought significant changes in this field
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St. Patrick\St. Patrick's Day in the usa how the Immigrants' Culture became popular
It must be mentioned that because of the religious meaning of the story, and since one of the most important sources is Patrick's biography “Confessio”
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Myths, Heroes, and JourneysMyths, Heroes, and Journeys
What characteristics do you believe a person should possess to be considered a hero?
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The Beat GenerationThe Beat Generation
Some dismissed the Beat Generation’s literature as mere provocation – a means to get attention, not serious art. Time has proven that the cultural impact of the Beat writers was far from short-lived
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