Values in a changing worldValues in a changing world
We have seen the end of the Cold War, the fall of Communism, the crumbling of the Berlin wall, the rise of democratic states, the disintegration of empires, the victory over apartheid, a dramatic revolution in the information superhighways
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Maggie Gondeck Dr. AlbarranMaggie Gondeck Dr. Albarran
The dignity and vocation of women (has been) a subject of constant human and Christian reflection.”2 Each and every vocation that a woman pursues is equally as fruitful as the next as long as she is pursuing that vocation in a way that reflects her dignity as
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Legitimacy and humanitarian intervention: who should intervene?Legitimacy and humanitarian intervention: who should intervene?
In the last part of the article, I consider ways of improving agents’ willingness to intervene and, ultimately, the legitimacy of humanitarian intervention
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Gustav Rydstedt Stanford UniversityGustav Rydstedt Stanford University
Media Manipulation, Imbalanced Economic Support, and the U. S favoritism of Israel in the Israel-Palestine Conflict
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The Jean Monnet ProgramThe Jean Monnet Program
These criteria can be comparatively applied to classical problems of separated powers – delegation, constitutional adjudication – as well as to problems of multi level-legal systems
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United States-South America Relations (4/26/04) Javier CorralesUnited States-South America Relations (4/26/04) Javier Corrales
Eze, bsb, mon, asu, lpb are farther from Miami than lax. Consequently, South America has not experienced the recurrent and profound U. S. interventionism that is typical of U. S
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On Hume’s ConservatismOn Hume’s Conservatism
It is Livingston’s view that when, and only when, conservativism is defined in this sense, Hume should be considered “the first conservative philosopher.”
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Spinoza on Inherence, Causation, and Conception 1Spinoza on Inherence, Causation, and Conception 1
Indeed, for those who seek to test – rather than confirm their old and well-fortified intuitions, Spinoza is nothing short of a living spring
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Symposium Issue: Lawyering for a New Democracy *575Symposium Issue: Lawyering for a New Democracy *575
FN1] An alternative strand of scholarship has focused on how these same shifts in governance have the potential to produce humane social policy
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Ramsey on Truth and Truth on Ramsey Pierre Le Morvan The College of New Jersey IntroductionRamsey on Truth and Truth on Ramsey Pierre Le Morvan The College of New Jersey Introduction
Even an authoritative source such as The Encyclopedia of Philosophy11 attributes this theory to him. What’s more, Grover et al.,12 in defending their Prosentential Theory of Truth
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Thomas Hobbes and the Problem of Self-CensorshipThomas Hobbes and the Problem of Self-Censorship
As this nexus of concepts retains a central importance in modern liberal political theory, to examine its character is not only to engage with thinkers dealing with similar problems in the past
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What Kind of Perspectivist Is Nietzsche?What Kind of Perspectivist Is Nietzsche?
Western rationality or some damn thing. Defenders of metaphysical realism (or of Christianity, Nietzsche’s explicit target) are generally happy to agree
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Leadership: Toward a Visionary Approach ByLeadership: Toward a Visionary Approach By
The vision of these contemporary leaders, it is believed, holds the keys to the future. Individuals look to these leaders and their visions of tomorrow in hope of better and more satisfying lives, not simply for themselves
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Supervisor: Jeffrey Alan Vanderziel, B. ASupervisor: Jeffrey Alan Vanderziel, B. A
I would like to thank my parents and my best friend Goran for their endless support as well as my supervisor for his useful guidance and advice
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Globalization101. org Unit on International Law and OrganizationsGlobalization101. org Unit on International Law and Organizations
Jeremy Rabkin, one of the most vocal proponents of state sovereignty, and a rebuttal in Foreign Affairs written by Peter Spiro. After becoming familiar with the two sides of the argument
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