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A revised version appears in Richard Jensen, Jon Davidann, and Yoneyuki Sugita, editors. Trans-Pacific Relations: America, Europe, and Asia in the Twentieth Century
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Summary of Evidence Arab-Israeli conflict \Summary of Evidence Arab-Israeli conflict '73
Syria was going for the total destruction of Israel and the recapture of the Golan Heights The war has various names, in Israel it is called the Yom Kippur War as war broke out on the Israeli religious holiday called Yom Kippur
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Message to the Tricontinental Ernesto “Che” GuevaraMessage to the Tricontinental Ernesto “Che” Guevara
Japan. There is a climate of apparent optimism in many areas of the different camps into which the world is divided
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2ac – Code Switching2ac – Code Switching
This is an embodiment of whiteness and colonialism that upholds structures of anti-black violence and the very form of exclusion their critique criticizes
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The short victorious war by David WeberThe short victorious war by David Weber
This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental
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Course Title: Comparative Emergency ManagementCourse Title: Comparative Emergency Management
Illustrate an example of a disaster impacting development through the use of a disaster case study
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Levels of evidenceLevels of evidence
Tens of thousands on both sides would die over the ensuing ten year war that followed Paris’ abduction of her from Greece and ended only with the total destruction of the city of Troy
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Emperor HirohitoEmperor Hirohito
Hirohito then became very interested in the army and the navy; he ended up becoming a Major in the army, and lieutenant commander in the navy. On December 25, 1926, at age 26, Hirohito took the throne because of his father’s death
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Some argue it resulted in what is probably the greatest single, conscientious, directed mass destruction of human beings in the history of the world. That may not be true
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Later Modern History – Britain 1851-1951Later Modern History – Britain 1851-1951
A study of the development of the United Kingdom into a modern democracy and the development of the role of the state in the welfare of its citizens, illustrating the themes of authority, ideology and rights
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