Nationalist cause. Hitler’s involvement in the Spanish war was consistent with a larger Nazi foreign policy aimed at diverting British and French attention from Central and Eastern Europe so that he would be unhindered in his plans for
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Parliament cannot delegate its legislative power: a british constitutional reality or myth? Dennis MorrisParliament cannot delegate its legislative power: a british constitutional reality or myth? Dennis Morris
With a view to answering the question posed in its title, this article discusses whether or not there is any British constitutional principle that would prevent the British Parliament from enacting the following hypothetical section
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Begin transcriptionBegin transcription
The immigration into the Commonwealth of the persons described in any of the following paragraphs of this section (herein-after called “prohibited immigrants”) is prohibited, namely:—
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Background to the Russian RevolutionBackground to the Russian Revolution
Not only did it affect the largest nation on earth, it also had a huge impact on the rest of the world, helping lead to both World War II and the Cold War following it
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Intellectual property policy and proceduresIntellectual property policy and procedures
This itb ip policy (ip policy) is intended to provide support and guidance regarding commercial exploitation, ownership and income from ip and the use of itb facilities and resources to ensure that the development of ip is mutually beneficial for personnel
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Italian Unification Revision Booklet: Main SectionsItalian Unification Revision Booklet: Main Sections
Examples of themes include, for example: the contributions of Mazzini, Cavour and Garibaldi; the methods Austria used to keep the Italian states under control; and the contributions of foreign powers to Italian Unification
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